Dragon Torso Stone
dragon head & torso stone


In-Game Description

Stone imbued with the power of the dragons.
Rite of apostles of the ancient dragons.
Gain torso of dragon. Roar like a dragon.

The dragon apostles seek transcendence of
life itself, attainable by transformation
into an ancient dragon. This rite is only one
step, but it cannot be reversed until death.


Raise the Path of the Dragon Covenant level to +2


  • First time use on normal condition, your torso will take the appearance of a dragonoid. Removes all equipped armor, and lasts until you die.
  • When your torso has been transformed:
    • Using the Dragon Torso Stone again performs an ability similar to the Force Miracle at the cost of stamina. It also provides a damage increasing buff for a short time, ~5-7 seconds. The buff increases damage by roughly 25%. The AoE and damage buff both increase with covenant rank, with the damage increases by about 30% when the covenant is at +3.
    • Changes unarmed attack animation and increases its attack power to about 400 AR. The attack increase is not shown in stats menu.


No defense statistics are granted by the Dragon Torso Stone, giving you the same defense statistics as if you had no armor on without using it.
If you are Rank 3 in the Path of the dragon and then lower your rank (such as by leaving), the stronger buff from the Dragon Torso Stone will revert back to its original strength.

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