Dried Finger


In-Game Description

Dried Finger with multiple knuckles.
Shriveled but still slightly warm.

With this many knuckles,
surely it cannot be anything human.


When used, it clears the Invasion Cooldown Timer. This allows for immediate, back-to-back invasions by Red Phantom and Darkmoon invaders.


Found in the Painted World of Ariamis
In Dark Souls Remastered it can be bought from Undead Merchant Male in Undead Burg


  • Used by players who want more frequent PvP.
  • Does not disappear upon use.
  • Repeated use (spamming) does not increase the effect, as the Dried Finger remains permanently active until the user dies or reloads the area.
  • Allows you to summon 3 cooperators total but also allows you to be invaded by 2 invaders
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