Dung Pie


In Game Description

Atrocious fecal waste material.
Throw at enemy to build up toxins,
but also builds up your toxicity,

Although the stench makes it difficult to
carry on one's person, turning an enemy toxic
inflicts high damage over a period of time.


  • Throw to build up Toxic on the target, but also affects player. When inflicted, the HP loss rate is 7 HP/second for 600 seconds, totaling 4200 hp.
  • Applies 55 buildup to your target, and 30 buildup to yourself per toss.
  • Can be fed to Kingseeker Frampt for 200 souls.
  • Can be traded in with Snuggly the Crow for a Demon Titanite



Can be useful in Blighttown, if you don't have Blooming Purple Moss Clumps ready, when facing the Blowdart Snipers:

  • If your toxic bar is near full by getting shot by a toxic dart, you can force yourself to Toxic status by throwing a Dung Pie. Status effect doesn't care about what builds up the bar, but only what attack makes the bar full (thus triggering the status effect). So, even if your bar gets near full by getting shot by the snipers, the toxic HP damage-over-time is more manageable because Dung Pie toxin does roughly half the damage of blowdart toxin.
  • In places where you can't predict where/when you will get shot by toxic darts (i.e. the room surrounding the Fire Keeper Soul), you can throw Dung Pies until you're toxic, before entering the Snipers' line of sight. If you're already inflicted with toxin, the toxic darts will have no effect on you.
  • Frampt's value for this item makes it possible to permanently "bank" souls at 1:1 instead of risking them; anytime you are in Firelink Shrine by running to the Undead merchant. The small value and time consuming process discourages overuse.
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