Durability is a variable stat possessed by all weapons and armor-pieces. Durability decays with use. The effects of durability are discrete, below 30% durability an item is "at risk", and "broken" when reaching 0. Equipment can be repaired up to a maximum durability that is specific to each equipment. Repairing items is only possible:

Aside from enemy-attacks that drain durability on equipped items, special attacks that drain large amounts of durability, and unrepairable, low-durability Crystal/Crystal infused weapons, durability decays slowly enough that it only becomes a bother once in a number of hours, or even tens of hours. A player can therefore easily prepare for it once or twice per playthrough and not worry about it again.

Effects of Durability

Weapons Unaffected "at risk" broken
Scaling 100% tba tba
Poise Damage 100% 70% 50%
Damage Reduction 100% 70% 50%

Additionally, the special attacks of most weapons stop working. This includes:


Effects on Durability

  • Hitting an opponent with an attack drains 0.1 durability [requires further confirmation]
  • Bouncing off a wall with an attack drains 0.2 durability
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