Eingyi was a pyromancer from the Great Swamp. He was considered a heretic and banished from the Great Swamp after creating poison based pyromancies. After that, he came to Blighttown and became infected with parasites. The Fair Lady sucked the blight pus out of him, making herself sick in the process. This action greatly affects Eingyi, he became her servant and carries her egg to show his devotion to her.


Quelaag's Domain
One floor below the Bell of Awakening, there's an illusory wall. Behind the illusory wall is the Daughter of Chaos bonfire. He's in that room with Quelaag's Sister.

Gaining His Trust

Talk to him after you contract the Parasite Egg. The second infection stage is enough (with the egg visible on your head). He'll be friendlier to you and he'll offer you his pyromancer services. Equipping the Old Witch's Ring, while making his dialogue friendlier, does not make him offer his services.


  • If your Intelligence is at least 11, he will give you a Pyromancy Flame after you gain his trust.


Item Amount Cost Notes
Servant Roster 1 500 Lists the members of the Chaos Servant Covenant along with the humanity each of them has sacrificed.
Egg Vermifuge 1,000 Removes Parasite Egg from body. Sells only after you gain his trust.
Poison Mist 1 10,000 Breathe out a cloud of mist that inflicts Poison to enemies who touch it. Sells only after you gain his trust.
Toxic Mist 1 25,000 Breathe out a cloud of mist that inflicts Toxic to enemies who touch it. Sells only after you gain his trust.


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 277 0
NG+ 532 0
NG+6 665 0


  • If you answer "No" when he asks you if you are a new servant, when you first talk to him, you can get him to ask you again. Leave and return to Quelaag's Domain (or just quit and reload the game) and when you talk to him again, he should ask you the same question.
  • If you talk to Quelaag's Sister with the Old Witch's Ring equipped, he becomes even more friendly, greeting you fondly (albeit reminding you that the Fair Lady requires company). This also unlocks a new talk option, where he admits he's incredibly jealous of your ability to understand the Fair Lady, as "there is only so much [he] can do to ease her suffering without speaking her tongue." However, he will not sell you any spells or give you the Egg Vermifuge just for wearing the ring.
  • As long as he has not allowed your passage, you will not be able to kick him.


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