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Elizabeth is a giant sentient mushroom who acts as Oolacile Sanctuary's keeper. She has no arms, making her distinct from the Mushroom Parents elsewhere.

She is most likely Princess Dusk's caretaker when the princess was small. Elizabeth recognizes the player as the savior of Dusk in the future, then tasks the player to rescue Princess Dusk once more, as Knight Artorias seems to have failed his mission.


Oolacile Sanctuary
At the left side of the sanctuary wall (when facing the path to the Royal Wood)



Name Cost
Hidden Body 2,000
Cast Light 1,000
Repair 10,000
Chameleon 3,000
Hidden Weapon 2,000
Oolacile Ivory Catalyst 1,000
Repair Powder 300
Gold Pine resin (x5) 1,000


Playthrough HP Souls
First 314 3,000
NG+ 333 3,000
NG+6 333 3,000


Elizabeth's Mushroom x3 - if not already gifted


If Dusk of Oolacile is dead (wherever and whenever you kill her), Elizabeth will be dead too the next time you visit her.
Killing Elizabeth will not make Dusk hostile, you'll just lose a merchant.


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Voiced by: Joanna Wake
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