Emit Force

emit force icon

In-Game Description

Outland miracle, foreign to the Way of White.
Emit shockwave.

Considered an alternate branching of Force.
Emits an expanding shockwave orb.


General Information

  • Fires an orb of force that creates a shockwave on impact that causes damage, and can knock down or stun enemies.
  • The shockwave deflects projectiles such as arrows, Crystal Soul Spears, and firebombs.
Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
AoE 6 18 N/A 1 Siegmeyer of Catarina follow his mini story


  • The spell takes 3 seconds total to cast. 1.5 seconds building up energy, you can run freely. 1sec concentrating the energy, your movement is slowed to a walk. 0.5sec casting the actual orb, all movement is halted during this time. Casting time can be reduced by increasing dexterity, up to 45 DEX.
  • Range for the spell is minimal, but it is slightly longer than any weapon can reach.
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