Engorged Zombie
engorged zombie torch
engorged zombie caster


These Hollows have a bloated, tumor-like growth on their torso. When you kill them, they explode, splashing toxin on their immediate surroundings, except when you kill them with fire. These enemies come in two varieties, torch-wielding and fire-caster. The fire-caster types will run if you approach them or attempt to engage you in a fistfight.


Painted World of Ariamis
Common enemies throughout the area.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 330 400
NG+ 517 800
NG+6 647 1,000

Attack Pattern

  • Torch-wielding: Same attack patterns as the torch-wielding Hollows.
  • Fire-caster: Throws a straight fireball not unlike the Necromancer. Note that this fireballs have Magic damage property, instead of Fire.
  • Both varieties can spew a purple Toxic gas.
  • Both varieties deal AoE Toxic explosion if you kill them without Fire damage. The explosion's Toxic buildup is quite high, it will almost always leave you with Toxic status if you don't specifically equip anti-Poison gear.
  • The toxin's HP loss rate is 8 HP/seconds




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