Equipment Load


Equipment Load is the stat handling how one performs under different amounts of equipped weight.


There are four rolling and walking speeds, depending on the character's weight class. Weight class entirely depends on the current equipment's weight over Equip Load. Items that count against Equip Load include all armor parts (head, gloves, torso, and legs) and all equipment in the four hand slots (weapons, shields, and spell tools). Ammunition, consumable items and rings do not count against Equip Load.

Equipped Weight /
Equip Load
Weight Class Movement Speed
25% or less Light Fastest
Between 25% and 50% Medium Moderate
Between 50% and 100% Heavy Slow
More than 100% Over-encumbered Slowest (cannot roll)

Weight class value (Equipped Weight/Equip Load) can be taken as a percentage. For example, an equipped weight of 26.2 divided by an Equip Load of 64.0 would equal 40.9% Equip Load, a medium weight class with a moderate movement speed and roll.


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