Escape Death

In Game Description

Lost miracle, foreign to the Way of White
While active, no losses incurred upon death

The Way of White recognizes death itself,
but admonishes the Undead. It is for this
very reason that this miracle was lost.


  • Cannot be obtained through normal gameplay

General Information

Escape Death is a cut Miracle left in the game's data. It cannot be found anywhere in-game, and when cast, has the same effect as a Ring of Sacrifice. It has one use per attunement, and no requirements. When the player dies at any time after casting, "Magic Revived" will be shown in green text, similar to Ring Revival.

Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Self 1 - Until death 1 - -


  • This miracle was removed due to the fact that it effectively negates the challenge of the game, as it can be used immediately after respawning and has no time limit.
  • This miracle has no in-game icon; the slot it's equipped to will appear blank, with only the name and number of uses shown.
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