Estus Flask


In Game Description

The Undead treasure these dull green flasks.
Fill with Estus at bonfire. Fills HP.

The Estus Flasks are linked to the Fire
Keepers. The Dark Tales also make reference:

An emerald flask, from the Keeper's soul.
She lives to protect the flame,
And dies to protect it further



Restores own health and all friendly non-NPC phantoms in the host's world


  • You can only have one Estus Flask, but you can upgrade its strength (heal more HP) and its uses (carry more charges)
  • The Estus Flask can be replenished when resting at Bonfires
  • Cannot be used when you're in any phantom form
  • Remastered note: Usage is halved while in any phantom form

Number of Charges

The amount of times you can utilize your Estus Flask to heal HP is dependent on how much you have kindled the bonfire that you are currently resting at. You kindle a bonfire by offering Humanity to it. Kindling a bonfire results in five additional charges being added whenever rested there, with five more for each additional time you kindle it. If you rest at an un-kindled bonfire and are holding more charges than the minimum number of charges allowed for that bonfire, you will keep the same number of charges you have; the game will not take away your extra charges, even if you die.

Total Humanity Offered Charges Restored
0 5
1 Humanity 10
2 Humanities 15
3 Humanities (max) 20

You must obtain the Rite of Kindling from defeating the Pinwheel Boss in the Catacombs to be able to Kindle Bonfires more than once.

Bonfires tended by a Fire Keeper (Anastacia in Firelink, Darkmoon Knightess in Anor Londo, The Fair Lady in Blighttown, and Stone Dragon in Ash Lake) are automatically kindled once, so they will give 10 charges every time, until kindled further.

A once kindled bonfire will remain upgraded forever, even into New Game Plus.


Estus flasks can be upgraded to refill more HP. You must have a Fire Keeper Soul in your inventory and then use the "Reinforce Estus Flask" option in any Fire Keeper's dialogue option.
Fire Keeper Name Location Nearest Bonfire Name
Anastacia of Astora Firelink Shrine Firelink Shrine
Quelaag's Sister Quelaag's Domain Daughter of Chaos
Lady of the Darkling Anor Londo Anor Londo
Every upgrade of Estus Flask refills a static amount of HP. The maximum Estus Flask level is +7.
Estus Flask Level HP Restored
+0 300
+1 400
+2 500
+3 600
+4 650
+5 700
+6 750
+7 800

Refilling Estus Charge

  • Resting at Bonfires will replenish your Estus charge to that bonfire's kindle level.
  • If you help another player beat a boss, your charges (and spell casts) will be replenished according to your last-rested bonfire's kindle level.
  • Whenever your last-rested bonfire is kindled by another player online, you will automatically gain one Estus charge. This is signified by a "soul-sucking" animation, but colored yellow and have an SFX like when you kindle a bonfire. The flask can fill over your current kindle limit using this method.
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