Glitch and exploit list.

Note - We of the Dark Souls Wikidot neither condone nor advise the use of glitches and exploits - especially in PvP. They undermine the enjoyment of other players and yourself, and in some cases could potentially ruin your save data as well as the experience. We list them here purely to document them and make people aware of some of the issues in the game, and this page will be used also for discussion of methods of combating them.

No Death Exploit: May corrupt save data.

  1. This is an exploit similar to the one in Demon's Souls where you could quit the game quickly after dying to trick the game into thinking you're still alive. The way it works in Dark Souls, however, is slightly different. Instead of quitting the game as soon as you die (which will result in still dying after loading the game up), you have to wait for a special moment. After the "You Died" notification disappears, the loading screen promptly shows up. It is at this moment that you want to quit the game. So as soon as you die, on the 360, you can bring up the XBOX menu, press "Y" to exit to the dashboard, and before you select "Yes" to confirm the exit, wait for the loading screen to show up, then select "Yes". It is similar on the PS3, just press the PS button and before you actually confirm to quit the game, again wait for the loading screen to show up. When you reload your game, you should be at the exact spot where you "died" along with your blood stain.

Infinite Usage of Items That Have Confirmations
Works with any item that has a yes/no confirmation dialog when you use it. Homeward Bone, boss souls, fire keeper souls, etc.

1. Have item to be used in your usable item slot.
2. Attack with your equipped weapon.
3. Past the middle of the attack animation, hit the "use item" button.
4. Press Start to access the menu.
5. In the menu, select the Darksign and select "Use".
6. You will see the confirmation for the item replace the "lose all your souls and humanity" confirmation you would normally see for the Darksign.
7. Accept the confirmation. You will gain the effect of using the item, but the item will not be lost.

  • Don't use the item too early in the attack animation, or it won't work. Press start *after* hitting the item key, not at the same time, or it won't work. Both using the item and opening the menu must be done before the attack animation finishes.
  • There is zero risk to using this glitch, as long as you're paying attention. If you get the confirmation for the darksign after using it in the menu, you tried to use the item too early in the animation and you can just cancel the darksign confirmation. If you get the confirmation for the item *and the menu never opened*, you pressed start too close to using the item and the item will be consumed unless you cancel - so cancel and try again.
  • This works because the game attempts to decrement the item you select in the menu, while giving you the effect of the item you used in your slot. The Darksign is recommended for the menu item since it has infinite uses, but you can use other confirmation items like Homeward Bone if you really want to and that item will be decremented.

Alternate method using a roll:
1. Have item to be used set as your primary usage for the item slot.
2. Roll, towards the middle to end of the animation "use" the soul.
3. Quickly open the menu and mash "X" / "A" until it says "Yes" or "No" to use the soul. Use the soul.
4. This glitch is fool proof, if you fail it, you will simply use the estus flask like normal. I have never lost the soul from using this glitch.

  • One-handing certain weapons like Quelaag's Furysword, Battle Axe, or the pyromancy flame while rolling will prevent the glitch from working if your character is female. Two-hand them instead.

Easy souls for new players:
The Hellkite Dragon is able to be defeated with one single arrow from the top of the small tower after the bridge due to bad pathfinding and him flying into the abyss. To achieve this, you climb up from the base of the bridge (from the room with the three rats) and take a left at the top to go to the top of the tower. Use parries and backstabs to kill the knight at the top, then shoot the dragon from the edge of the tower, and he'll fly down to the bridge and then vanish. Note: This glitch no longer works as of patch 1.05.

Edit: 7/15/14 - Working** Requires the Firelink Shrine campfire to be lit. (Light campfire and take shortcut to BK/Sniping tower.

If any enemy is chasing you and you close a door on them, skeleton soldiers for one, they will not be smart enough to open the door and chase you, this gives you the opportunity to use a heavy weapon and attack the door and it will register the enemies getting hit through the door, For one instance in the same area you where you fight the hydra and the frozen golem guys, (Darkroot Basin) OR in the bottom of the tower in Undead Burg area, below the Stairway. (Coming from Darkroot Basin path) There is a door that has the nasty "Havel The Rock" waiting for you if you open the door, if you quickly open the door and close the door, he will chase you but will not open the door, with him colliding with the door, using a large heavy weapon will hit him though the door and with enough hits, will kill him, making him a easy target if you manage to survive opening and closing the door, although he won't always stay at the door, he will retreat back to his original position so its up to you if you want to make it a fair fight or cheese him with cheesy tactics

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