Eye of Death


In-Game description

Online play item.
Lure phantoms from other worlds.
(Only Covenanter can use the item while Hollows cannot)

The dreadful Eyes of Death spread disaster
across neighboring worlds. Phantoms lured
to the host world may end up as victims,
allowing the Eyes of Death to multiply,
and leading to further proliferation of bane.



  • Infect three other online players' worlds with the Gravelord Curse and leave your Gravelord Soul Sign to lure them into your world.
  • To use an Eye of Death correctly you must meet the following conditions:
    • You need to be a Gravelord Servant
    • You need to be in human form (reverse-hollowed)
    • You need to be in an area where you have not yet killed the boss
    • You may not have an invader or summoned phantoms already active in your world. The Eye of Death will continue to work as invaders enter your world, but it will be 'greyed out' and unavailable for use if a phantom arrives before you use it.


  • For the infected:
    • Appearance of a Gravelord Soul Sign in their worlds. The soul sign's position may change every 10 seconds, depending on the Gravelord Servant's position in their own world.
    • Gravelord Black Phantoms will appear if the world is in NG+ or beyond (the aforementioned Gravelord Curse). They're much stronger and more aggressive versions of the normal enemies in the area. The black phantoms will remain in the infected player's world until the Gravelord Servant accesses a loading screen1. The infected player will get a notification informing them of the defeat of a Gravelord Servant2 - even if they're in their first playthrough (New Game), and the black enemy phantoms never spawned. The infected player dying or resting at a bonfire will not cause the black phantoms to disappear.
    • Multiplayer is unaffected, infected players may summon or invade other players as normal.

Online Matchmaking

  • The Gravelord Soul Sign appears to other players within co-op range.
  • Co-op range calculation: Your Level, +/- (10 + 10% of Your Level). This means a level 100 player using an Eye of Death can have their sign used by others who are between the levels of 80 to 120.

Farming Strategy

Items Needed

  • Weapon with a wide horizontal area-of-effect attack (e.g. most greatswords' two-handed strong attack, ultra greatswords' two-handed weak attack, Great Scythe, etc). Not only for efficiency, but the faster you kill the Basilisk, the lower your chance to getting Cursed. Wide attack weapons are for stun-locking multiple Basilisks or Rats, as they have low Poise and are easily stunned by almost all weapons.

How To

  1. Start at the bonfire in Depths.
  2. Run out the hall and take a right. Keep going past the hidden ladder and the kill 5 Small Undead Rats.
  3. Continue and kill the rat in the box.
  4. Keep going and kill 4 more rats.
  5. Go in the hall nearby and take a right. Fall down the hole in the floor. Kill the Basilisks nearby.
  6. Go up the stairs, through the door, and kill 3 Basilisks.
  7. Head around the bend, straight ahead, drop down and kill 3 more Basilisks.
  8. Through the nearby door and kill 3 more basilisks. You may teleport back to the bonfire here and repeat from step 1 if you're only farming for Eyes of Death, but you can continue to farm more rats while getting back to the bonfire
  9. Up the stairs, follow the path and through the tunnel heading back. Down the stairs and kill 3 Large Undead Rats and 1 small one.
  10. Up the stairs and kill 2 rats.
  11. Take the shortcut back to the bonfire.

As you get Humanities from Rats, use it to increase Item Discovery and Curse Resistance. Rinse and repeat.

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