• Meets Faith requirements for equipment and miracles
  • Damage modifier on weapons with Faith scaling
  • Magic Adjustment modifier for most talismans
  • Increases Magic Defense
  • Meets Faith requirements for joining Warrior of Sunlight covenant (although it can be reduced to 0 Faith)

Faith Requirements

Faith Miracles with Faith Requirement Equipments with Faith Requirement and/or Scaling1
0 Gravelord Sword Dance, Gravelord Greatsword Dance Dragonslayer Spear
10 - Talisman, Thorolund Talisman
12 Force, Heal, Seek Guidance -
14  Great Heal Excerpt, Magic Barrier Astora's Straight Sword, Canvas Talisman, Sunlight Talisman
16  Replenishment Crescent Axe, Darkmoon Bow, Effigy Shield, Ivory Talisman, Tin Darkmoon Catalyst
18  Emit Force, Homeward, Tranquil Walk of Peace Abyss Greatsword, Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed), Sanctus
20  Karmic Justice, Lightning Spear Greatsword of Artorias
24  Great Heal, Great Magic Barrier Darkmoon Talisman
28  Wrath of the Gods -
30  Darkmoon Blade, Great Lightning Spear, Sunlight Blade, Vow of Silence Grant
36  Bountiful Sunlight -
48  Soothing Sunlight -
50  Sunlight Spear -


  • Talismans generally scale with Faith, and therefore this can lead to stronger miracles
  • Lack of Faith to wield a weapon or shield (as shown with the red X on the D-pad menu) doesn't make the character have a different animation like Strength does, but the weapon still gets the damage penalty and bouncing attacks
  • Magic Defense can not be properly determined by Faith alone, as it is also affected by the current level of stats + humanity
  • Magic Defense and Fire Defense follow identical equations, but Fire-Def scales with Resistance stat
  • In addition to the equipment listed above, equipment in Divine and Occult upgrade paths also have Faith scaling for Magic damage
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