Fall Control


In-Game Description

Sorcery developed by a certain surreptitious
sorcerer at Vinheim Dragon School.
Reduce damage and noise from fall.

This sorcery, along with Hush, explains the
extravagant cost of hiring Vinheim spooks.


Sold by Griggs of Vinheim1

General Information

  • Grants buff that removes damage and noise from fall
  • Prevents you from suffering the landing stun animation that normally comes with fall damage
  • Does not prevent death from falls that would normally instantly kill you
Spell Type Uses Intelligence Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Support, Magic 10 15 45 sec. 1 Attunement Slot Griggs of Vinheim 1,500 Souls


Falls from certain ledges will always kill you, even if they appear to be fairly short. These usually happen when you fall into an area that looks safe but is outside the playable area.

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