Fall Damage


Fall Damage is the damage sustained when a player falls from above a certain height, with higher falls causing greater damage.

It will remove a percentage of the player's max HP, meaning any survivable fall is always survivable regardless of how leveled up your character's Vitality is, provided that the player's health isn't already reduced enough to cause death. For example, a fall that removes 500 HP for a player with 1000 max HP would only remove 200 HP for a player with 400 max HP.

Defenses and stats do not reduce fall damage.

Affect of Equip Load

A heavier equip load will increase the damage taken from a fall, maxing out at 89.7 equip load. Having 0 weight will result in sustaining only 70% of the damage taken from the same fall when having 89.7 or greater equip load.

Carrying a heavier load does not affect the survivability of falls if the player's health is full. The maximum survivable fall will result in 70% HP lost for a character with 0 equip load, and ~99.9% HP lost (rounding to 1 HP) for a character with 89.7 or greater equip load.

Fall Control

The Fall Control spell completely prevents all Fall Damage while active, though it does not normally allow the player to survive falls that would otherwise kill them. The same max-survivable-height applies regardless if Fall Control is active or not.

An exploit with Fall Control can allow players to survive impossible landings if the player quits with a very specific timing when landing.
For more information, visit this page about the Fall Control Quitout technique.

Fall Control can also be used to negate damage on certain sloped falls (more information below).

Latent Values

Though there is no way to ascertain these values in-game, fall damage directly corresponds with the amount of Y coordinates the player descends when falling.

  • 5 units of height is the greatest height that can be fallen without taking any damage. Anything greater will trigger Fall Damage.
  • 20 units of height is the greatest height that can be fallen without dying. Anything greater will trigger death.

Things like equip load and Fall Control have no bearing on these breakpoints. They only affect the amount of damage sustained when a fall within the range listed above occurs.

Kill Boxes

There are places in the map where a character will instantly die when touching them, regardless of the distance of the fall. They are typically found in pitfalls and out-of-bounds areas, and guarantee death regardless of Fall Damage mechanics.


Surviving Sloped Falls

A couple different exploits allow surviving falls that include a sloped surface (that you "slide" down), that are otherwise normally too high and cause death when descending:

  • If the player performs a roll while descending a slope and i-frames are active upon landing, damage will not be taken.
  • If the player has Fall Control active, it will allow them to safely slide all the way down a slope to the bottom without dying. However, this only works if the sloped surface connects smoothly to the ground. If the slope ends with a drop-off before the landing, even a small one, it will not work.
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