Q: What does Kindling do?

A: Increases the amount of Estus Flasks you receive at the bonfire you choose to Kindle by 5, for a maximum of 20 Estus Flasks.

Q: What does "cannot kindle further without the secret rite" mean?

A: This means that without the secret rite, acquired from defeating a boss (Pinwheel) later in the game, you will be limited to one kindling per bonfire. After obtaining the rite, you may kindle 3 times for a total of 20 Flasks.

Q: Help, I've been cursed! How do I remove it?

A: Using a Purging Stone will remove the Curse, please refer to that page for more information. You can also trade one humanity for a cure from Ingward in the New Londo Ruins.

Q: Why is this game so dang hard?

A: The true Dark Souls starts here…

Q: Where can I farm items/upgrade stones?

A: Please refer to the Farming page.

Q: Where do I find the second bell of Awakening?

A: The second bell is past Blighttown. You will need to explore the world a bit to acquire the necessary keys and unlock this area. After the first bell, you have many paths you can pursue, none of which are wrong.

Q: I hit an NPC! Can I get them to stop being mad at me?

A: Aggression towards NPCs counts as a sin in game. You can remove sin by requesting absolution from Oswald of Carim after ringing the bell. Beware, it's a steep price, as the formula for it is (Your SL x 500). If you kill that NPC though, you cannot bring him/her back to life. they will return as normal at the start of NG+

Q: Will I be limited to weapons and armor if I choose a female character to start with?

A: No. unlike Demons Souls, there is absolutely no difference to the game based on your character's gender, save for appearance.

Q: What is a good video walkthrough?

A: I would highly recommend this walkthough found on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PclJjHKWhbI1

Q: Is there a Skype chat for Dark Souls players?

A: Yes! A Skype chat is now available to help you find other players to co-op, pvp, or just chat with. You must have a Skype account to join. To access this chat, log onto Skype and add new contact "tramsportation", send the contact request along with a message saying you'd like to join the Dark Souls Skype Chat. The Skype chat is non-discriminatory to consoles, so it does not matter whether you are using a PS3, Xbox, or PC.

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