This page lists some common questions that might be asked by newer players. Feel free to add questions that you see are commonly asked

Q: What does Kindling do?

A: Increases the amount of Estus Flasks you receive at the bonfire you choose to Kindle by 5, for a maximum of 10 Estus Flasks, and a maximum of 20 once the Rite of Kindling is obtained.

Q: What does "cannot kindle further without the secret rite" mean?

A: This means that without the Rite of Kindling, acquired from defeating the boss Pinwheel, usually encountered later in the game, you will be limited to one kindling action per bonfire. After obtaining the rite, you may kindle 3 times for a total of 20 Flasks.

Q: Help, I've been cursed! How do I remove it?

A: Using a Purging Stone will remove the Curse, please refer to its page for more information and availability. You may also have yourself cured by Ingward, for the cost of one soft Humanity. He can be found in New Londo Ruins.

Q: What is this strange glowing crab-like creature?

A: That is what's called a Vagrant. Please refer to its page for more information.

Q: Where can I farm items/upgrade stones?

A: Please refer to the Farming page.

Q: Where do I find the second bell of Awakening?

A: The second bell is past Blighttown. You will need to explore the world a bit to acquire the necessary keys and unlock this area. After the first bell, you have many paths you can pursue, none of which are wrong.

Q: I hit an NPC! Can I get them to stop being mad at me?

A: Aggression towards NPCs counts as a sin in game. You can remove sin by requesting absolution from Oswald of Carim after ringing the Bell of Awakening at the Undead Church. Beware, it's a steep price, as the formula for it is (Your SL x 500). If you kill that NPC though, you cannot bring him/her back to life. they will return as normal at the start of the next NG cycle

Q: Will I be limited to weapons and armor if I choose a female character to start with?

A: No. unlike Demons Souls, there is absolutely no difference to the game based on your character's gender, save for appearance.

Q: What is a good video walkthrough?

A: I would highly recommend this walkthough found on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PclJjHKWhbI1

Q: Is there a Skype chat for Dark Souls players?

A: Yes! A Skype chat is now available to help you find other players to co-op, pvp, or just chat with. You must have a Skype account to join. To access this chat, log onto Skype and add new contact "tramsportation", send the contact request along with a message saying you'd like to join the Dark Souls Skype Chat. The Skype chat is non-discriminatory to consoles, so it does not matter whether you are using a PS3, Xbox, or PC.

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