Firelink Shrine

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
none Crestfallen Warrior
Petrus of Thorolund
The Crow
Anastacia Of Astora
Griggs of Vinheim
Laurentius of the Great Swamp
Big Hat Logan
Domhnall of Zena
Knight Lautrec of Carim
Rhea of Thorolund
Vince And Nico of Thorolund
Kingseeker Frampt
Morning Star
Winged Spear
Caduceus Round Shield
Ring of Sacrifice
Undead Soldier (Sword)
Armored Hollow
Small Undead Rat
Giant Skeleton


Firelink Shrine is the most accessible bonfire location early in the game, and the largest safe area as well. Most freed NPCs will gather here, and you can purchase many spells and miracles in addition to upgrades.


General Notes

  • Firelink Shrine is the central hub of Dark Souls. You can traverse from area to area without ever returning, but it is often quickest to cut through the shrine instead.
  • NPCs you meet and rescue along your quest will gather at the shrine over time and allow you to purchase Sorceries, Pyromancies, Armor and other useful items.
  • This is also one of the locations at which you can reinforce your Estus Flasks with Fire Keeper Souls.
  • This is generally the largest safe zone in the overworld.

Important Tips

  • Nearby Treasure Trove - From the bonfire, go through an arched door opposite of the tree. Go through another in front of you a bit to your right; you'll see Petrus of Thorolund. Go up the steps to your right, then the steps to your left, then right through the door before the stairs, then the door on your left with no floor. Go forward to the outside area. There are four chests here. The 4th is between the stone pillar and rock wall. The contents are 4 Cracked Red Eye Orbs, a Talisman, a Morning Star, 6 Homeward Bones, and 4 Lloyd's Talismans.
  • Early access to blacksmith and sorceries - From the bonfire go down the stairs near the Crestfallen Warrior. From there move past Anastacia of Astora down another flight of stairs and hit the center of the elevator in the room to go down to the New Londo Ruins. Follow the path down and hug the wall to the right until the edge of the cliff. To the left is another set of stairs. Halfway down is a cell with the blacksmith Rickert of Vinheim inside. Here you can buy a Sorcerer's Catalyst, Soul Arrow, Heavy Soul Arrow, weapon repair and upgrades. Note that you will not encounter any hostile enemies on the way to Rickert, so it's safe even for a low-level character.
  • Important Items Chest - Behind the pool (later Frampt's area) near the statue can be found a chest that will most of the time be open and empty. However, dropping essential items required for progression in the game (such as the Crest of Artorias and the Orange Charred Ring) then reloading the game will cause this chest to be closed the next time you see it, and opening it will give you back the essential items you've lost.


The appearance of NPCs changes and vary depending on the player's progress in the game.

  • Crestfallen Warrior
    The Crestfallen Warrior sits facing the bonfire. Can provide direction early on, and sometimes offers hints on the whereabouts of other NPCs.
  • The Crow
    An enormous crow who can transport the player back to the Undead Asylum. Note that the crow cannot be killed; it will fly away even when dealt damage that exceeds its maximum HP. Will respawn after using bonfire, homeward bone, or dying after it's been chased away.
    Video showing how to return
  • Anastacia of Astora
    Located down the stairs from the bonfire, inside a cell built in the cliff face. She's the bonfire's Fire Keeper, meaning she can upgrade Estus Flasks using Firekeeper's Soul and if she dies, the bonfire also becomes unusable.
  • Knight Lautrec of Carim
    Once rescued, he will be located down the stairs from the bonfire, sitting on the grass opposite Anastacia's cell. He'll offer some tips at the cost of 100 per soul level.
    He will kill Anastacia when you return from Blighttown, after ringing the second bell, or immediately after collecting the Fire Keeper Soul in Blighttown, whichever event occurs first. When he does, if you check Anastacia’s cave, you will find her dead body and some items and the Black Eye Orb.
  • Big Hat Logan
    Once rescued, will be located near the stairs to Undead Burg, behind Griggs' location. Sells advanced sorceries.
  • Domhnall of Zena
    He will only move to the Firelink Shrine after opening the door to Blighttown in depths.
    He is available on the lower part of the bridge leading to the Undead Burg where you find a Soul of a Lost Undead. You can see him after taking the stairs next to Griggs in Firelink Shrine. You can reach him by jumping to the bridge from the spawn spot of the Armored Hollow.
    Sells unique boss armors, after you killed the boss.
  • Kingseeker Frampt
    Appears after you have rung both Bells of Awakening. Allows you to trade in items for souls and break down shards into their smaller parts. After retrieving the Lordvessel, he'll transport you to Firelink Altar. This NPC has much information on the story of the game, so listen to him and avoid attacking him as he will disappear if you do so.
  • Patches
    He will only move to the Firelink Shrine after the encounter in the Tomb of the Giants and after Gravelord Nito has been defeated.
    He can be found squatting on the elevated area before the stairs leading down to the graveyard, next to the pool/Frampt's location.
    Sells basic miracles and general cleric equipment. Also sells Pinwheel masks.
  • Ingward
    He will only move there after you defeated the Four Kings and talked to him afterward.
    He is available to the right of the area leading to Petrus.


Firelink Shrine Map

If you just started the game, your first trip should go to the Undead Burg. Although other areas are also early accessible from the Firelink Shrine, they contain dangerous foes and are best visited later.

Path to the Undead Burg

Starting from the stairs at Firelink Shrine, head up towards the bridge. On the way up, you will encounter three Hollows on the first landing, and three more on the next. Block frequently and get accustomed to their attacks. Practice parrying and riposte, as it will be useful later.
Proceed up the second set of stairs into the sewer tunnel beneath the bridge. Immediately to your left is a poisoned rat. Dispose of it and proceed down the tunnel. Exit to the left and head up the stairs to enter Undead Burg.

Path to the Catacombs

Please note that this is a dangerous area, especially for low-level characters.

This is an area just outside of the Firelink Shrine located beneath the graveyard. The entrance can be found by following stairs on the west end of the graveyard that funnels into a long dark tunnel. When in the graveyard follow the main path, kill all four Skeletons (while you can) and keep to your left (cliff side). You will find a cave with stairs going down, leading to the catacombs.

Path to New Londo Ruins

Please note that this is a dangerous area, especially for low-level characters.

From the bonfire go down the stairs behind the hallowed knight. From there move past Anastacia of Astora and head down another flight of stairs on your right side. Move along the path and enter a room. Hit the center of the elevator in the room to go down to the New Londo Ruins.

Path to the Undead Parish

After you activated the elevator in the Undead Parish church, you have a nice shortcut from the Firelink Shrine to the Undead Parish. Just head up the steps into the ruins and enter the section where Petrus of Thorolund stands. Take the stairs on your left, and you will reach the elevator.

Path to the Undead Asylum

To revisit the Undead Asylum, you have to take the same transport that you initially came with: The Crow. To get a lift, you need to reach her nest, which is high up on top of the ruins at the Firelink Shrine.

As the elevator to Undead Parish (needs to be unlocked) goes up from the Firelink Shrine, walk forward to exit onto the roof of the ruins. Walk to your right onto the grassy hill, and look at the flooded ruin. From the grassy ledge, face the closest support beam and roll forward. Light Armor helps. From here, climb the support and take the stairs slowly to the top of the ruin. Walk along the outside ledge to the crow's nest, and follow the prompt. Be patient, and you will be delivered to the Undead Asylum.

Video: How to reach the crow's nest at Firelink Shrine

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