In-Game Description

Primal pyromancy taught by Quelana of Izalith.
Erect fire pillars in vicinity.

The storm of flame is indiscriminate,
and incinerates all nearby life.


General Information

Spell Type Uses Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Ranged, Fire 20 n/a 1 Attunement Slot Quelana of Izalith 30,000 Souls
  • Generates pillars of flame at random locations around the player. These flame pillars have a knockback effect on enemies who are hit.
  • One charge usage results in about 2 pillars of flame
  • Can use up to 17 charges per cast, unless interrupted. The caster will finish the animation even after the charge reaches zero in the middle of the animation.
  • Fire damage is 3.2 times the MagAdjust of the Pyromancy Flame per flame pillar
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