Forest Hunter


The Forest Hunters, led by Alvina, protect the grave of Sir Artorias and the surrounding forest graves. They do it by invading the intruder's own world and hunting them down. Members are like family, betraying one of them means betraying the entire family. Their organization seems to be divided by clans. Shiva is a captain of one of such clans.


This covenant is focused for players who want group PvP. Joining the covenant allows players to invade others in the Forest area of Darkroot Garden by using the Cat Covenant Ring. Two Forest Hunter members may invade at the same time and team up to battle the world's host and their summoned phantoms.1 The fixed invasion area and easy, early-game access results in a high concentration of online players and frequent multiplayer activity. Successfully killing an intruding host will give you random upgrade materials and a couple miscellaneous items. A merchant and a couple items from Alvina will become accessible to members of the covenant as well.


Alvina is accessible and not hostile.

How to Join

  1. Gain access to Alvina's location in Darkroot Garden:
  2. Talk to Alvina and answer "Yes" to all of her questions to join the covenant.


  • Invade the Darkroot Garden (only the area between the Crest gate and the ladder to Hydra) of a forest intruder with the Cat Covenant Ring. This invasion doesn't need you to be in human form. You may meet another Forest Hunter while you invade, raising your chance for killing the host.

Covenant Level

You level up in the covenant by killing the intruders of Alvina's forest.
Level Number of Invaders Killed Reward
+0 0 Cat Covenant Ring
+0 1 Divine Blessing
+0 3 Ring of Fog
+1 10 None
+2 30 None
+3 80 None

Betrayal Penalties

  • The next time you talk to Alvina, she will scold you and then disappear for the rest of the playthrough unless you go and get absolved by the Bishop of Velka in the bell tower. This event also adds +1 to your Sin in the Book of the Guilty.
    • Requesting Absolution from Oswald of Carim will cause her to return and allow you to rejoin the covenant, undoing her disapproval.
  • Shiva of the East and his bodyguard becomes hostile.
  • Clan of Forest Protectors become hostile once more.


  • The Catring unlike any other invasion item, allows you to invade players of any level range higher level than your total level.
  • When speaking to Alvina for the first time, answering "No" to her first prompt will count as a betrayal, and afterwards she will refuse to speak to you. This can be resolved by requesting Absolution from Oswald.
  • Killing one of the Clan of Forest Protectors will count as a betrayal if you're in the covenant.
  • Unlike Blade of the Darkmoon invaders, you can still get indicted as a Forest Hunter invader.
  • As an invading Forest Hunter, you do not lose any souls if your phantom is vanquished (killed by host or environment).
  • As you can invade while hollow anywhere in the Darkroot Garden or Darkroot Basin area, it is a means to engage in invasions without ever spending Humanity to become human, and with your character never being vulnerable to invasions in your playthrough.
  • You can kill all the Clan of Forest Protectors, and then talk to Alvina to join the covenant. Once the Clan of Forest Protectors respawn, they will not be hostile to you.
  • If you are a member of the Forest Hunters and get summoned as a phantom by another player, you will not incur a betrayal penalty for killing covenant members or NPC's.
  • Be ready to face any kind of situation: 1v1, 1v2, or 2v2. It is even possible for 1v1v1, 1v1v2, or a free-for-all, given that you can encounter Red Phantoms in other player worlds.
  • Some players tend to "farm" the souls that Forest Hunters invaders award when killed, these players usually summon a phantom to help them and are well prepared ("gankers"), so be careful and remember to prepare yourself before invading. If you happened to invade these gankers, you can try to hide until backup arrives but only if there's still an invasion slot open (i.e. only two gankers).
  • Only Covenant that cannot be leveled up exclusively offline.

Needs testing

When you join the Forest Hunter covenant, regardless of how you do it (abandoning other covenant or not being in any covenant), will make you sin. I couldn't find any apparent harm, as in, anyone acting hostile towards you or denying any services, but it is apparent and you can test it:

1. Start at Oswald, making sure 'You have not sinned'
2. Run to Alvina without killing any of NPCs
3. Answer her questions correctly and join the covenant
4. Make sure nothing's bugged, no NPCs died and you aren't attacked by NPCs
5. Run straight back to Oswald
6. Use the 'absolve sin' option and see that you, in fact, have sin now, simply by joining Forest Hunters

// EDIT: Some additional testing has shown that the sin appears even after simply answering 'yes' to Alvina's first question, but refusing her offer to join.

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