Game Patches

Version 1.09

Release Date (PS3 only)

16th May 2013 (JP)
17th May 2013 (NA)
20th May 2013 (EU)

Fixes the flickering and missing graphical effect errors that previously affected all areas in the PS3 version (online only)

Patch Notes (Archived version of the original).

Version 1.08

Release Date (PS3 only)

1st April 2013 (JP)
19th April 2013 (EU)
22nd April 2013 (NA)

  • A glitch that allowed players to maliciously drain others' stats in PvP has been removed
  • If you had your stats drained, you can level back up without spending souls until the levels & stats correspond correctly
  • Miracle Resonance signs have been repaired and are now working again

Note: Shortly after release of this patch, flickering and missing graphical effect errors now affect all areas in the game on the PS3 version (online only).

Version 1.07

Release Date (PS3 only)

16th November 2012 (JP)
5th December 2012 (NA)

Fixes the flickering and missing graphical effects that appeared shortly after the release of the DLC, which only occurred in the Additional Content areas

Version 1.06

Release Date

22nd October 2012 (NA)
24th October 2012 (EU)

Version 1.05

Release Date

11th November 2011 (Japan)
22th November 2011 (NA-EU) (1.04 cumulative)
24th November 2011 - AU1

Version 1.04

Release Date

2nd November 2011 (Japan only)

Version 1.03

Release Date

30th September 2011

Version 1.02

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