Used to communicate with other players. The gesture menu is accessed with the Select / Back button.

Motion sensoring is enabled for the Playstation 3's Sixaxis controller. In theory, the game will recognize a pattern of movement when the player holds the X button down and then enact an assigned gesture.

Image Gesture Description How to obtain
point-forward.png Point Forward Player points forward Available at start
point-up.png Point Up Player points up Available at start
point-down.png Point Down Player points down Available at start
beckon.png Beckon Player gestures to come nearer Available at start
wave.png Wave Player waves Available at start
bow.png Bow Player performs a bow Available at start
proper-bow.png Proper Bow Player performs a more respectable bow Given by Dusk of Oolacile
hurrah.png Hurrah! Player pumps fist in the air Given by Andre of Astora
joy.png Joy Player jumps with joy! Given by Domhnall of Zena
shrug.png Shrug Player raises his palms and shakes his head Given by Petrus Of Thorolund
prostration.png Prostration Player falls on his knees Given by Patches
look-skyward.png Look Skyward Player lifts hand to his brow and looks up toward the sky Given by Shiva of the East
well-what-is-it.png Well! What is it? Player extends both arms and steps forward Given by Oswald of Carim
prayer.png Prayer Player drops to one knee and prays Given by Rhea of Thorolund, Knight and Cleric starting classes have this, instead of Joy
praise-the-sun.png Praise the Sun Player raises his arms toward the sun Given by statue that allows joining Warrior of Sunlight covenant (must meet Faith prerequisite to interact with statue, but need not join the covenant)
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