Giant Blacksmith
Giant Blacksmith


A giant blacksmith residing in the main cathedral building of Anor Londo. He's an acquaintance of Hawkeye Gough, keeping the latter's Hawk Ring after his retirement from the Four Knights of Gwyn. Specialized in crafting unique weapons.


Anor Londo

In the right-wing side (your left side) of the main cathedral building. Can only be accessed from the inside, as the grille door is locked from the outside. From the large cathedral room with two Royal Sentinels and a Silver Knight Archer, there are 2 paths:

  • Find the broken stained glass window on the top balcony of the large cathedral room. Pass through the window and drop down to the right on to some large steps. Walk around a small ledge and drop down to a balcony where the Dragonslayer Greatbow and single Dragonslayer Arrow are located. Pick off at range or drop down again to finish off the Bat Wing Demon located outside the blacksmith's front door.
  • Near the Silver Knight Archer, there's a small bridge that leads to the building with a spiral staircase. At the bottom of the staircase is the blacksmith.

Remember to open the grille door leading back to the Sentinels, so it is easier to access the blacksmith again.



Item Soul Cost Description
Titanite Shard 800
Large Titanite Shard 3,800
Green Titanite Shard 4,800
Twinkling Titanite 8,000
- - -
Weapon Smithbox x1 2,000 Upgrade weapons at any bonfire.
Armor Smithbox x1 2,000 Upgrade armors at any bonfire.
Repairbox x1 2,000 Repairs items at bonfire.
- - -
Giant's Halberd 5,000 Req str 36, massive weapon.
Giant's Shield 10,000 Req str 36, weight 18, crazy heavy shield.
- - -
Standard Arrow 10
Large Arrow 50 Shorter range, but more damage
Feather Arrow 100 Long range sniper arrows.
Moonlight Arrow 500 Magic arrow. Doesn't deal physical damage. Cannot benefit from counter damage.
Dragonslayer Arrow 500 Giant dragon hunting arrows (need the Dragonslayer Greatbow or Gough's Greatbow)
Standard Bolt 30
Heavy Bolt 100 Shorter range, but more damage
Sniper Bolt 250 Long range sniper bolts.
Lightning Bolt 700 Deals normal and Lightning damage.
- - -
Giant Helm 6,000
Giant Armor 8,000 When fully upgraded, provides the highest defense of any single armor piece in the game.
Giant Gauntlets 6,000
Giant Leggings 6,000


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 1,812 3,000
NG+ 3,171 9,000
NG+6 3,964 11,250


Blacksmith Giant Hammer - 100% drop


  • Behind the blacksmith is a chest containing Hawk Ring.
  • The blacksmith will use standard Giant attacks if made hostile.


  • Can be arrowed to death outside the front door, will not follow or attack.


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