Description and Origin

Also known as The Legend, GiantDad is a well-known player build built exclusively for being the absolute meta in PvP. It is commonly used by griefers. He is also a very popular Dark Souls meme, having obtained his meme status in his origin on October 31, 2012 by YouTube user OnlyAfro's video titled "He's Back,'' featuring the GiantDad build as well as a meme-heavy overlay. From there, he has even earned his own song.


GiantDad can be encountered at any point in the game where PvP or co-op play is available, although the purpose of this build is PvP.


Can drop anything that a phantom can drop, including the likely humanity.


  • None

Attack Patterns

They vary. The GiantDad is known mostly for his two-handed Chaos Zweihander wield, but also has a Grass Crest Shield on his back for switching to one-handed battle.


GiantDad can only be encountered as a phantom, but can be encountered as any phantom in the game.


GiantDad is primarily an under 25% equipment load meelee user. He will be able to take hits and keep going, as well as roll away very quickly. Due to his high stamina, he will be able to deal many attacks in a short period of time. It is suggested to not attack him from long range, as he will quickly close the distance.

Parrying is suggested.

Due to his extreme difficulty to defeat, it is suggested that the player cuts their losses.


To Become GiantDad

Because the Dark souls PvP meta is staying around SL125, it is suggested that the Chosen Undead starts as the Bandit class. When upgrading their stats, the Chosen Undead will only need to be SL99 to achieve GiantDad status. This provides the GiantDad with 26 extra skill points to increase stats.

The GiantDad is equipped with the Mask of the Father, Giant Armor, Giant Gauntlets, Giant Leggings, the Ring of Favor and Protection, and Havel's Ring. On his back, or in his left hand, is a Grass Crest Shield, and his right hand (or both) wields a Chaos Zweihander.

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