Golden Crystal Golem
Golden Crystal Golem


The Golden Crystal Golem is a larger, stronger version of the blue Crystal Golems. It usually contains an NPC as part of a questline, but the ones in Crystal Cave do not hold any NPCs, and only act as mini-bosses.


Darkroot Basin
Spawns after killing the Hydra and contains the captured Dusk of Oolacile. Go past the lake (be wary of underwater chasm) and into the alcove to the right of the long ladder. Quit and reload if it doesn't appear.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 816 1,500
NG+ 1,868 6,000
NG+6 2,336 7,500
The Duke's Archives
Spawns after Siegmeyer leaves the Firelink Shrine for Blighttown, and contains the captured Sieglinde of Catarina. The Golden Crystal Golem can be found shortly prior to the entrance of Crystal Cave.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 1,360 2,500
NG+ 2,135 5,000
NG+6 2,669 6,250
Crystal Cave
One is on the bridge immediately after the first invisible pathway, the second one is guarding a corpse with a treasure on the second, lower crystal bridge. These Golden Crystal Golems contain no NPC inside.
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 1,360 2,500
NG+ 2,135 5,000
NG+6 2,669 6,250

Check Dusk's and Sieglinde/Siegmeyer's page for more information about their respective quests.


  • The ones in Crystal Cave may look like a normal blue Crystal Golem because of the ever-present blue color filter of the cave.


  • 1 or 2 Normal Arm Swings.
  • Crystallized Arm Swing.
  • Area of Effect Crystal Blast (smaller radius than the regular Crystal Golem).
  • Jumping Smash Attack.
  • Standing Uppercut.


  • Fire.
  • Strike.
  • Lightning.


  • Wearing the Rusted Iron Ring makes the fight after the Hydra much easier.
  • Their attacks do track much better than the blue versions but it is still possible to outmaneuver them by strafing quickly around them in a circle.
  • Try to lure the ones in the Crystal Cave onto larger patches of ground as their attacks have a lot of blowback and can send you flying off the edge, especially if you have your shield up.
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