Gravelord Black Phantoms

General Information

Members of the Gravelord Servant Covenant have the ability to infect other players' worlds with Gravelord Black Phantoms. They will only appear for players who are in NG+ or higher.12

Black Phantoms are recognizable for glowing dark red in color. These special Black Phantoms do not replace normal stage enemies, but instead appear as newer, more difficult enemies that are not normally there. Although they have doubled health and inflict more damage than regular enemies, they reward the same amount of souls and carry the same random drops.

They will last in a player's world until the Gravelord Servant who is responsible dies or quits their game3, unless the players are disconnected from each other first. If the infected player goes offline, "offline gravelording" is induced. There are no varying degrees of infection. If infected, the same enemies will always appear in the same locations in a given level. They are known to be relatively rare, typically unseen in a single playthrough of the game.

Method for spawning Black Phantoms

Video Guide & Documentation

To see black phantoms in your own world, find a partner who is a member of the Gravelord Servant Covenant to infect your world, and make sure you perform the following tasks and meet these conditions:

  • The player who wants to see black phantoms should be NG+ or higher (the Gravelord servant does not have to be in NG+).
  • The two players must be within coop range.
  • Before using an Eye of Death, the Gravelord should summon the victim through the Red Sign Soapstone or White Sign Soasptone. This will sync the players online and keep them connected.
  • Immediately after the victim returns to their world (the host can kill them or use the black separation crystal), the Gravelord should use an Eye of Death.
  • Sometimes taking up to ~45 seconds, the victim should then be able to see the Gravelord's summon sign and Black Phantoms in their world.

Offline/ Disconnected Gravelording

Players will often assume that their game has glitched, resulting in what they believe is a permanent Gravelord infection that manages to last for days or longer. However, there isn't sufficient evidence to support that such a glitch actually occurs. Instead, players who believe they've received a permanent infection are most likely unaware of the mechanics of offline/ disconnected Gravelording, which allows the player to unwittingly prolong the infection.

  • If an infected player loses connection with the Gravelord Servant before they die or quit properly, the Black Phantoms will still appear in their world.
  • While offline, an invisible timer is set to exactly 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes pass, the "Disasters are gone…" message will appear and permanently end the infection.
  • Resting at a bonfire, dying or quiting/reloading the game will reset the timer. This can be used to indefinitely prolong the appearance of the phantoms.

List of Gravelord Black Phantoms

Area Enemies Location Confirmation
Undead Burg 2 BP Zombies (Axe and Sword)
1 BP Zombie (Axe)
1 BP Undead Soldier (Sword)
1 BP Undead Soldier (Spear)
By the top and bottom of the steps to the courtyard from the bonfire
By the ladder leading to the three firebomb Zombies on the wooden platform
By the archer in the small tower
By the bottom of the firebarrel trap stairs
Lower Undead Burg 2 BP Undead Assassins Between the two assassin ambush areas Video
Undead Parish 3 BP Hollows (Sword)
1 BP Heavy Knight
1 BP Baldur Knight (Rapier)
In the underground passage with the hollows
Outside elevator to firelink
In the room with the three Balder Knights
Darkroot Garden 4 BP Giant Stone Knights
1 BP Large Mushroom & 2 Small Mushrooms
1 BP Large Mushroom & 2 Small Mushrooms
Throughout the open area before the Moonlight Butterfly
After exiting the bridge past Alvina's room
By the Enchanted Ember chest
Video 1
Video 2
The Depths 1 BP Butcher
4 BP Hollows (Torch)
1 BP Hollow (Torch)
2 BP Rats
1 BP Rat
2 BP Rats
3 BP Rats
By the door before the steps leading to the first Slime
Behind bottom of the first steps, in large group of hollows, two in water pit with dogs
In the slime hallway, at the opposite end from the bonfire doorway
In the hallway after the first ambush ratbox
By the tunnel entrance near the Channeler
On the ledge above the giant rat miniboss
In the area with the regular Rats and Slimes outside the Blighttown entrance
Blighttown 1 BP Infested Ghoul
1 BP Infested Ghoul
1 BP Infested Ghoul
2 BP Infested Ghouls
3 BP Infested Barbarians
2 BP Infested Barbarians
After the three barbarians, headed from the Depths entrance
By the ladder connecting upper & lower Blighttown, same level as Parasitic Wall Hugger
Area by the Blowdart Sniper nearest the upper bonfire
By the regular Barbarian and Ghoul near the whip
In the swamp, near the treebranch path to the Great Hollow
In the swamp, near the rockthrowing Barbarians
Video 1
Video 2
Sen's Fortress 1 BP Serpent Mage
2 BP Serpent Soldiers
1 BP Serpent Soldier
1 BP Serpent Soldier
1 BP Serpent Soldier
1 BP Serpent Mage
1 BP Serpent Mage
2 BP Serpent Soldiers
Outside the Crestfallen Merchant room, by the broken walkway jump
Bottom of Crestfallen Merchant tower, by the Serpent Mage protecting the Cage Key
End of pendulum axe bridge with the several axes closely in a row
After the corridor with second arrow trap, shooting you from behind
End of the first bridge in Sen's Fortress, to the right
By the Black Sorcerer set
On the ledge near the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring
Before the first bridge in the level
Video 1
Video 2
New Londo Ruins 1 BP Darkwraith
1 BP Darkwraith
1 BP Darkwraith
1 BP Darkwraith
1 BP Darkwraith
1 BP Darkwraith
Before the fog gate where regular Darkwraith is standing in the drained area
In the hallway by the base of the elevator near the first Mass of Souls
By the chest with the Very Large Ember
Opposite the illusory wall in the drained area
Inside the room containing two regular Darkwraiths and the second Mass of Souls
On the bridge leading to the Four Kings fog gate
Anor Londo 2 BP Sentinels
1 BP Sentinel
1 BP Silver Knight (Sword)
2 BP Silver Knights (Spear)
2 BP Silver Knights (Sword)
1 BP Silver Knight (Sword)
1 BP Silver Knight (Spear)
In each hall near the first Anor Londo bonfire
In front of the doors to the great hall
End of the hallway that connects the great hall to the area with the Titanite Demon
By the regular Silver Knight (Greatbow) on the roof
By the regular Silver Knight (Greatbow) on the balcony beneath the roof
By the regular Silver Knight (Sword) on the floor with the Solaire bonfire
At the top of the spiral staircase headed from the Solaire bonfire
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Painted World of Ariamis 1 BP Bloated Undead
2 BP Bloated Undead
2 BP Bloated Undead
3 BP Bonewheel Skeletons
2 BP Bonewheel Skeletons
2 BP Bloated Undead
On the landing before the first Bloated Undead of the level
Inside the room with several regular Bloated Undead
On the Annex rooftop by the Dark Ember
Inside the underground room with the lever
In the underground tunnels
On opposite ends of the staircase where Xanthious spawns
The Duke's Archives 2 BP Pisacas
1 BP Channeler
1 BP Channeler
1 BP Channeler
1 BP Channeler
4 BP Crystal Golems
Inside the Pisaca room
On the balcony with the twinkling titanite
Next to the chest with the Strong Magic Shield
Far end of the top floor in the first hall, a couple floors above the mimic chest
By the top of the long ladder (bookcase shortcut), on a ledge adjacent to the archer
Located throughout the field
The Catacombs 2 BP Skeletons (Falchion and Scimitar)
1 BP Skeleton (Scimitar)
1 BP Skeleton (Falchion)
2 BP Skeletons (Falchion and Scimitar)
2 BP Skeletons (Falcion and Scimitar)
3 BP Skeleton Wheels
In the open area, shortly beyond the first Necromancer door
After the first rotating bridge, by the second Necromancer
Protecting the lever that opens the second Necromancer door
Outside the exit leading to the second rotating bridge
Inside the Titanite Demon area, in a nook on the lefthand side
Far end of the Skeleton Wheel area on ground level
Tomb of the Giants 1 BP Giant Skeleton
2 BP Giant Skeletons
1 BP Giant Skeleton
1 BP Skeleton Dog
1 BP Giant Skeleton
1 BP Skeleton Dog
1 BP Skeleton Dog
1 BP Skeleton Dog
1 BP Skeleton Dog
Shortly after the first regular Giant Skeleton near the tomb entrance
In the tomb containing the Large Divine Ember
By the tall ladder with the regular Giant Skeletons (sword & archer)
Shortly before the first regular Skeleton Dog
After the first fog gate, near the regular Skeleton Dog and Giant Skeleton (archer)
After the first fog gate, near the regular Skeleton Dog and Giant Skeleton (archer)
Near the regular Skeleton Dog and Giant Skeleton before the 2nd bonfire
Path connecting 2nd bonfire with ladder
Before ladder leading out from the dark area
Demon Ruins 2 BP Capra Demon
3 BP Capra Demons
In the group of the regular Capra Demons
On the large staircase with the Stone Demons
Lost Izalith 3 BP Chaos Eaters In the pit with the other Chaos Eaters Video
Kiln of the First Flame 5 BP Black Knights
(Greatsword, Greataxe,
Halberd, Sword & Greatsword)
Each are paired with the 5 regular Black Knights Video

Black Phantoms in Additional Content Areas

Area Enemies Location Confirmation
Royal Wood 1 BP Scarecrow (Plow)
2 BP Stone Guardians
2 BP Scarecrows (Shears)
1 BP Scarecrow (Shears)
1 BP Scarecrow (Plow)
1 BP Stone Guardian
3 BP Scarecrows (Plows & Shears)
By the first two Scarecrows in the level
In the first forest area (near the Giant Mushroom location in Darkroot Garden)
Overlooking and inside the ambush area (Cat area in Darkroot Garden)
Below the small drop after the second bridge
Near the treetrimming Scarecrows
Guarding the 2nd elevator near the two regular Stone Guardians
Area overlooking Oolacile Township to the left of the boss fog gate
Oolacile Township 1 BP Bloathead Sorcerer
2 BP Bloatheads
1 BP Bloathead Sorcerer
1 BP Bloathead
1 BP Bloathead Sorcerer
1 BP Chained Prisoner
On the platform with the 4 regular Bloatheads, near the beginning of the level
On the platform with the regular Bloathead & Bloathead Sorcerer, near Chester's invasion spawnpoint
On the rooftop with the Crystal Lizard
Inside the first building after the long narrow bridge, far wall from top of steps
Inside the ground floor of the large building with many Bloatheads, near the other Bloathead Sorcerer
In a corner at the opposite end of the corridor with the regular Chained Prisoner
Chasm of the Abyss 1 BP Chained Prisoner
1 BP Chained Prisoner
In the first group of Bloatheads
Bottom of descending walkway near first group of Humanity Phantoms

Chained Locations

A few areas in the game are "chained", meaning a Gravelord infection in one area will cause the player to be infected in several areas at once:

  • The Undead Burg / Lower Undead Burg / Undead Parish
  • Royal Wood / Oolacille Township / Chasm of the Abyss
  • Darkroot Garden / Darkroot Forest
  • The Duke's Archives / Crystal Cave

Additional Notes

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