Gravelord Nito


Gravelord Nito, first of the Dead, is one of the four beings who found the Souls of Lords within the flame, and defeated the everlasting dragons. He acts as a god of death and disease, and is the master of the Gravelord Servant covenant.


Tomb of the Giants
After the Pinwheel Servant area.

Playthrough HP Souls
First 4,317 60,000
NG+ 7,076 120,000
NG+6 8,845 150,000


Lord Soul (Gravelord Nito)


  • He is the only covenant master that must die in order to finish the playthrough, as he has to be killed in order to open the gate to the Kiln of the First Flame. Killing him doesn't break the Gravelord Servant covenant, you just can't upgrade its level until the next playthrough.
  • You cannot kill Gravelord Nito when you use the catacombs' coffin next to the titanite demon to access the Gravelord's Servant covenant. His hit box in the massive coffin is nonexistent.
  • If timed correctly, Nito's shockwave can be cancelled while drinking an Estus Flask.
  • If you lose the fight with Nito, you can get back to Nito's boss area by going to the Catacombs and nestling in the transport coffin. You will be transported to the very room you fight Nito and his minions, but there will be no one here now except you, and Nito will be within his massive coffin, as usual. If you have not died one more time on your way here, you will even find your blood stain in this room, near the spot where you were killed in the recent boss fight with Nito. The Paladin armor set can also be retrieved in this manner. Additionally, you can still join the Gravelord Servant covenant (as long as Nito has not been killed).


Fire-based damage

Attack Patterns

  • Nito spawns three skeletons (who wield scimitar or falchion) to fight for him at the start of the battle.
  • Nito raises his weapon above his head, then slams down on the area in front of him. This can be easily evaded by sidestepping.
  • Nito swings his sword horizontally. This will whiff you if you are close to him.
  • Nito curls up and begins to glow. This is the buildup to his shockwave and it will be executed within a couple of seconds. Back away.
  • Nito can grab you. Does a good amount of damage. It tracks sidewalking but rolling evades it. Mashing block and attack buttons can significantly reduce or completely negate the damage if caught.
  • Nito summons a single gravelord sword from the ground beneath you. If in visible range, he will telegraph the attack by raising his sword and thrusting it into the ground. If out of visible range, a scream will indicate this. If you can, spam dodge rolls. Can quickly cause Toxic Status.


  • Once you enter the area, you will be attacked by skeletons while Nito lumbers over to your position. Since Nito is their Necromancer, they will revive if you don't kill them with a divine weapon. Although it makes the fight much, much easier, killing the skeletons is not necessary to win, and Nito's attacks will often hit and kill them anyway. If Nito kills them, howerver, it is not permanent and they will revive within a couple of seconds, though you do benefit from the skeletons being dead temporarily.
  • On higher playthrough cycles, the three Skeletons really become a more serious trouble than Nito himself, especially if your character is the "glass cannon" type. On NG+ and beyond, their hits pack a punch, and if you do not have good poise, you probably won't get a second chance if they get to hit you once (because you will be staggered and they need only one more hit to send you back to bonfire). Try to kill them fast with a strong weapon (a +5 Greatsword of Artorias, for example), or, if your divine weapon is not that strong, you can put on a good set of armor, cast Iron Flesh on self, then go ballistic. Cast the spell at the beginning of the fight and it will expire by the time Nito gets to you (assuming you stay near the spot you drop down).
  • Nito's AOE blast deals magic damage, so the Crest Shield or something similar can block most of the damage. Blocking the blast saves you the trouble of running around too much and taking the risk of alerting the Giant Skeletons.

Melee Strategy

When you enter, do not move further up into the area and dispatch the three skeletons with a divine weapon. Wait for Nito to reach you before attacking to make this fight easier. If you do move up, you will alert an additional three giant skeletons that will make the fight much harder. If you do want to fight them, though, wait until Nito gets closer, then run past him towards the skeletons. They have less HP than the giant skeletons that you encounter in the Tomb of the Giants proper, so they are easily killed.

Without the skeletons to deal with, Nito is a relatively easy boss to beat. Lock onto him and continuously circle while attacking, preferably when his back is to you. That way, he will be unable to hit you. He does have one melee attack that is slow and can be blocked if your shield is good enough. Watch out when he curls up and begins to glow as this is his magic attack. When he begins this attack, get some distance between him and raise your shield to be safe. If you haven't dispatched the giant skeletons, just be aware of where you are so not to back into them so they become hostile. Once his shockwave is over, begin to circle and attack him again.

If you're feeling confident, you don't have to circle him altogether and can simply dodge his attacks.

Easy Melee Strategy

Nito has a bit of a blindspot slightly to the right (his left) in his sword attacks. If you stay toward that side of him and get as close as possible, his attacks will likely miss, or at least not fully connect, and instead end up hitting the Skeletons. If you have medium poise or better (knight armor lets you get away with it), you can stand there for the whole fight and tank him. Be sure to block his explosion attack and make sure to heal when needed. Nito attacks slowly, so he leaves plenty of time to heal quickly. Follow the above strategy as well, because this will not work if you aggro the Giant Skeletons.

Video: Melee Demonstration

Iron Flesh/Pyromancer Strategy

You need Havel's Set, Iron Flesh, a strong sword like Quelaag's Furysword and the Crystal Ring Shield. If you can't use any strong weapons, use your Pyromancy Flame with Great Fireball and Great Chaos Fireball. If your Pyromancy Flame has been upgraded, the Crystal Ring Shield will scale nicely with it. The Crystal Ring Shield is optional and if you don't have it you can use any other shield you like for protection.

Drop down to Nito's area and heal up. Once you see his three Skeletons running towards you cast Iron Flesh. Around that time Nito will have arrived at your location. Now you have the options to:

Ignore the three Skeletons and focus on Nito. If he is about to use his shockwave try to get a little distance and raise your shield as this will reduce the damage from the shockwave. Heal up and recast Iron Flesh if needed.

Alternate Pyromancer Strategy

For this technique you do not need a divine weapon


Use Pyromancy Flame in the right hand and a shield in the left. Circle strafe him and spam your fire attacks while trying to avoid the skeletons. If you run back too far you will aggravate the three Giant Skeletons, so stay near the first area and just wait for Nito to arrive. If you hear him do his scream, a few seconds later a large sword will come out of the ground and stab you, throwing you in the air and doing moderate damage. If you time it correctly (time the amount of time between his scream and the attack), you can easily dodge out of the way.

Just circle strafe him with your fire spells. When he crouches down into a ball he is about to do his large AoE attack. This is a good thing: it will instantly kill all the skeletons around you and as long as you block, it will do small damage to you. If you do not block it will do a lot of damage, so time it right.

Unless you have a fire weapon, you need three attunement slots, because with only two you will likely run out of fire attacks to use.

Sorcerer Strategy

Do the Duke's Archives first as that's where you get the best sorceries and it makes the other three Lords much easier. Also, you probably want to boost your intelligence to 50. Equip 4 Crystal Soul Spears, 8 Soul Spears, and 2 sets of Great Soul Arrows (not the heavy!).

Don't spend the spells on the skeleton beasts, lure them one at a time with a bow and arrow and handle them one at a time in melee (with your enchanted +5 weapon). After the fog gate and before dropping in the hole, equip Logan's Catalyst to your right hand.

After landing in Gravelord Nito's room move forward until Nito is targetable, keeping your shield up. Probably your targeting will jump to other skeleton targets so retarget to Nito. Keep walking backwards with your shield up, and keep firing Crystal Soul Spear or Soul Spear at Nito. Your stamina should be fine for shield hits from the lesser skeletons as you're not using it to attack. Nito should die before you run out of spears. If not top up the damage with your Great Soul Arrows.

Lightning Spear Strategy

If you have the miracle Great Lightning Spear and the Ring of the Sun's Firstborn, and any divine weapon, you can almost completely kill him with lightning spears. Equip a decent enough shield and your divine weapon, with your talisman as a backup to your weapon.

At the start of the battle, kill the three skeletons that blitz you as fast as you can, dashing (rather than rolling) to dodge Nito's Sword Dance attacks (if you spam roll instead of dashing, you have to pause the odd time and there's a good chance you will get struck when you do).

After the three tiny skeletons are dealt with, Nito will start encroaching on you. Simply walk backwards from him while hurling Great Lightning Spears and doing your best to dodge his attacks. He moves so slowly that you can deal with him rather easily this way, and your spears will each deal around 400 damage.

Ring of Fog and Slumbering Dragoncrest Strategy

Just equip the Ring of Fog and Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring. The skeleton minions won't aggro you, then kite him over to where you fell down and just circle him and block his shockwave attack (also after his shockwave attack, you have time to use an Estus).

Bugs & Glitches

  • It is possible to get a plunge attack against Nito by having him throw you into the rock formations in the center of the room, right in front of where you drop down. While hard to do, it will cause you to stay in a falling animation and performing the plunge attack. Everytime he moves near you, he will take damage and can be "stunned" temporarily. You can, however, still die here, but his attacks seem to do less damage. You will have to save and quit after killing him to get out of the position.
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