Gravelord Servant
Gravelord Servant


They are the servants of Gravelord Nito, the First of the Dead. They serve their master by spreading disaster to their neighboring worlds through the use of Eyes of Death.


The purpose of this covenant is to infect other players' worlds with extra enemies, known as Gravelord Black Phantoms, while also inviting those players to invade the Gravelord Servant's world.

This works by enabling the use of the Eye of Death after joining the covenant. Upon use, an Eye of Death will send a Gravelord soul sign to three other players within co-op range whose worlds are connected to the host's.
The infected world will spawn numerous Gravelord Black Phantoms, but only in NG+ or beyond.
Up to three infected players can use the soul sign to invade the Gravelord Servant as Spirits of Vengeance. Killing the Servant removes the extra enemies from all affected players' worlds.
A weapon and miracles are also available from the covenant.


Gravelord Nito must still be alive for joining. To access his coffin, the possession of at least one Eye of Death is needed.

How to Join

  1. Have at least one Eye of Death. Three Eyes of Death can be found behind the Prowling Demon in The Catacombs
  2. Near the same Prowling Demon, there's a coffin which can be interacted with. Nestle in the coffin and a cutscene will start after waiting for about 30 seconds1
  3. Upon arrival in the Tomb of the Giants, look for Gravelord Nito's sarcophagus.2
  4. Interact with it to join the covenant.


Covenant Level

Exchange Eye of Death to level up in the covenant.
Level Required Eyes of Death Reward Gravelord Miracles' strength
+0 0 Gravelord Sword, Gravelord Sword Dance +0
+1 10 Gravelord Greatsword Dance +0.1*MagAdjust
+2 30 Increases Gravelord miracles' damage +0.2*MagAdjust
+3 80 Increases Gravelord miracles' damage +0.3*MagAdjust

Betrayal Penalties


  • Killing Gravelord Nito will not break the covenant, but there will be no way to level up or join the covenant again for the rest of the current playthrough.
  • REMASTER NOTE: With the ability to change covenants at a bonfire, please be aware that if you quite the covenant and then kill Gravelord Nito, you cannot change back to this covenant at a bonfire, you will still need to continue on to the next NG cycle in order to rejoin the covenant.
  • Nito cannot be harmed when the player accesses his cavern by using the Catacombs' coffin.
  • If the player possesses the Gravelord Sword before joining the covenant (e.g. from another player Online), they will not receive the Gravelord Sword Dance Miracle. To rectify this, quit the covenant and throw away the sword by dropping it and logging off. If this does not work, try again in NG+ for another opportunity to obtain it.
  • Hosts are open to invasions from red phantoms (either from the Darkwraith covenant or players using a Cracked Red Eye Orb); they do not invade via the Gravelord sign and will not drop an Eye of Death upon defeat.
  • Infected worlds in NG+ or beyond will spawn black phantom enemies. Conversely, when the Gravelord Servant is defeated, all black phantom enemies will dissolve, even if engaged.
  • Sometimes players will get the notification that confirms the defeat of a Gravelord Servant3 without ever noticing the infection take place or finding a Gravelord sign in their world. The extra phantoms usually only spawn for infected players in NG+ and higher.
  • Eye of Death can be used to infect players in areas where the boss has been defeated, but they cannot invade the host's world unless the boss is present in the host's game
  • You cannot summon phantoms while the Eye of Death is active. You also cannot activate the Eye of Death if you already have phantoms summoned into your world.
  • You cannot fight any bosses while the Eye of Death is active.
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