Gravelord Sword Dance

gravelord sword dance icon

In-Game Description

Miracle known only by the servants of
the first dead, Gravelord Nito.

Giant Gravelord swords jut out in vicinity.

Nito sleeps deep within the Giant Catacombs,
quietly overseeing all death, and waiting for
his servants to usher in the Eye of Death.


General Information

Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
AoE 40 0 - 1 Gravelord Servant Join covenant
  • Several swords will pierce the ground impaling enemies in the area.
  • Like any other items given by a covenant, only one copy can be obtained on a character.
  • This spell is essentially a "free" magic damage version of Firestorm. It requires 0 faith but scales with Magic Adjust, Intelligence-focused players can use this with Velka's Talisman for great damage regardless of Faith.
  • Each use summons up to 20 Gravelord swords (1 charge per sword), if the casting is interrupted, one might not summon the full 20 and only the amount that they do summon will be subtracted from their uses.
  • The damage done increases with covenant rank, reaching full power at Gravelord Servant +3.
  • Deals 2.5*MagAdjust magic damage, plus 0.1*MagAdjust per Gravelord Servant rank (2.8*MagAdjust at +3)
  • Very effective when used in closed quarters such as hallways or bridges as several swords may impale the same enemy.
  • When cast on an incline, the AoE will extend further downhill than it will uphill, in some extreme cases even being able to cross large gaps.1
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