Great Heal Excerpt

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In-Game Description

Great miracle cast by advanced clerics.
Restores high HP.

Great Heal Excerpt borrows from only
several verses of Great Heal. As a result,
it can only be cast a stark few times.


General Information

Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Support,Self 1 14 - 1 Petrus of Thorolund
Rhea of Thorolund
10,000 Petrus
2,000 Rhea
10,000 Patches
  • The middle variant of heal miracles. Heals like Great Heal, but only one use. Amount healed is 8 times the Talisman's MagAdjust.
  • As it only has one use charge, it can only heal 8 times the Talisman's MagAdjust per Attunement slot, worse than even the basic Heal. It does however restore more than twice the amount healed by the Heal miracle per cast. It can be useful for boss fights where a huge amount of HP needed to be restored in the least amount of time.
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