Griggs of Vinheim
Griggs of Vinheim


A sorcerer from Vinheim Dragon School. He came to Lordran in search of his master, Big Hat Logan, who has departed from Vinheim in his search for knowledge.


  • Lower Undead Burg
    In a locked room at the bottom of the Undead Burg. To reach the bottom the player can unlock the door (using the Residence Key) next to the dragon bridge, after the Taurus Demon boss battle. After climbing down the long ladder, keep going forward, descending the staircase where you might be attacked by two Undead Attack Dogs. After the staircase, make a U-turn to the right, then hug the left wall. You'll hear Griggs shouting for help when you're near the correct door. The door to Griggs is opened with the Residence Key. It cannot be unlocked with the Master Key, despite it unlocking several other doors that the Residence Key also unlocks. Unlock the door and go into the room and talk to (rescue) Griggs.
  • Shortcut to Lower Undead Burg
    Alternatively, the player can jump to reach the bottom level of the Undead Burg before fighting the Tauros Demon. From the bonfire in the Undead Burg, find the Male Undead Merchant (also buy the Residence Key from him), and then move downstairs to where the four Hollows are. As you're climbing up the ladder, you can see a small balcony on your right. Roll onto it from the top of the ladder. While at high health, run alongside the balcony and jump over the fence to your right, and you'll reach the lower Undead Burg. You'll take fall damage and be attacked by two dogs that are further up once you land. Head upwards, towards the large burning pile of rubble, and you'll be ambushed by three Undead Assassins. Afterwards, you can then safely head up the stairs to open up a shortcut back to the bonfire. If you head further alongside the left wall, you'll reach the door where Griggs is held.
  • Sen's Fortress
    Upon buying all spells and rings from Griggs, when you return to the room where you pick up the Black Sorcerer Set, a hollowed Griggs will be there. This way you can get Griggs' drop without sinning.


  • Sells basic Sorceries and Sorcery-related items only when your INT stat is at least 10 points.
  • After Logan left to the Duke's Archives, he'll sell some of Logan's sorceries (Soul Spear and Homing Soulmass), effectively enabling you to get two copies of these two spells in one playthrough.


Sorceries Cost Uses INT slots Description
Soul Arrow 1,000 30 10 1 Shoots a fast projectile at target that does Magic damage
Great Soul Arrow 6,000 20 14 1 Stronger Soul Arrow
Heavy Soul Arrow 2,000 12 12 1 Slower Soul Arrow, but higher damage than Great
Great Heavy Soul Arrow 8,000 8 16 1 Stronger Heavy Soul Arrow
Magic Weapon 3,000 5 10 1 Must be used with catalyst in left hand, adds Magic damage to your right hand weapon
Magic Shield 3,000 5 10 1 Must be used with catalyst in right hand, temporarily increases the stability of your shield
Aural Decoy 1,000 20 10 1 Throws a decoy that lures enemies away by creating a sound
Fall Control 1,500 10 15 1 Reduce damage and noise from fall
Soul Spear 40,000 4 36 1 Fires large Soul Arrow that pierces its targets. Only after Big Hat Logan leaves Firelink Shrine.
Homing Soulmass 20,000 10 18 1 Summons up to five soulmasses that fire automatically when an enemy is near. Only after Big Hat Logan leaves Firelink Shrine.
Total 85,500

Equipments Cost Description
Sorcerer's Catalyst 500 Basic catalyst needed to cast sorceries. Starting equipment of Sorcerer class.
Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring x1 20,000 Increases Sorcery and Pyromancy spell damage by 20%
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring x1 20,000 Increases the duration of Sorcery and Pyromancy spell effects by 50%


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 659 1,000
NG+ 1,205 3,000
NG+6 1,507 3,750
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 742 -
NG+ 1,357 3,000
NG+6 - -




  • In the initial room where Griggs is trapped, is a body in a barrel on the right hand side with a Sorcerer Armor Set and Sorcerer's Catalyst. Be careful breaking the barrels in the room because you can hit Griggs and turn him hostile. Rolling (dodging) can be used to break scenery without hurting NPCs.


  • If Griggs' storyline is finished and he is killed in Sen's fortress, there is a possibility that he will appear in the first room where you initially meet him but, you will not be able to speak with him. Humanity can still be drained from him, however.
  • There is also a possibility of Griggs appearing in the first room you find him in, with the same restrictions as mentioned above, if killed prematurely.


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