Hawkeye Gough

Hawkeye Gough


Hawkeye Gough is one of the Four Knights of Gwyn and the leader of the Greatarchers, who wielded giant bows that fired large, dragon-hunting arrows. Ironically, despite his name, he thinks he is blind, yet he still retains his impeccable accuracy. He wields his own unique greatbow and makes his own arrows to use with his bow. Nowadays, he spends his retirement making archtree carvings in Oolacile in the additional content.

Gough provides a huge amount of information for an NPC character. When spoken to, he makes numerous remarks about the state of affairs in Oolacile, and warns the player about Kalameet (but will assist by crippling him with an arrow if asked). He is grateful to the player for killing the corrupt Artorias, but in cut dialogue is saddened at the consideration of Ciaran ("the poor, poor girl"), suggesting Ciaran had unrequited romantic feelings for Artorias.

After killing Kalameet, Gough will thank the player and give him his greatbow.


Royal Wood

After Knight Artorias's arena, facing the Oolacile Township, turn left and go up the stairs opposite to Battle of Stoicism Gazebo. Eventually you'll reach the hole in the ground, turn right here and cross the bridge leading to the door. To open it you'll need Crest Key found during Oolacile Township exploration. Gough will be waiting for you behind the door.


  • If you've been down to see Kalameet, you can talk to him to get him cripple the dragon, allowing you to fight Kalameet on the ground.


Item Soul Cost Notes
Dung Pie 200 Turns enemy toxic, but also affects player.
Homeward Bone 300 Return to last bonfire rested at. Lowest price of all merchants.
Prism Stone 10 Path marker. Drop and listen to check heights.
Titanite Shard 800 +5 reinforce: standard weapon.
Large Titanite Shard 3,800 +10 reinforce: standard weapon. +5 reinforce: raw weapon.
Green Titanite Shard 4,800 +5 reinforce: magic/divine/fire weapon.
Gough's Great Arrow 650 Can only be used with Dragonslayer Greatbow or Gough's Greatbow. Gough is the only merchant who sells this.
Hello Carving x1 5 Archtree carving. Says "Hello".
Thank you Carving x1 5 Archtree carving. Says "Thank you".


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 3,241 20,000
NG+ 5,024 40,000
NG+6 6,280 50,000



  • Exhausting Gough's conversation line reveals that he and the Giant Blacksmith are well acquainted, with the Blacksmith likely being the forger of Gough's Greatbow and armour. This would explain why the Hawk Ring is found in a chest behind the Blacksmith.
  • This fight is reminiscent of the Old Hero boss battle from Demon Souls, a battle with a blind boss who relied on sound.
  • He heals quickly from Poison or Toxin. If you manage to inflict these on him, they will only run for 25% of their usual time.


  • If you have attacked Hawkeye Gough and he's trying to smash you into a pancake, you can equip the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring to safely walk around his little area. Attacking him with the ring equipped will make him aggro for a few seconds, but if you evade his attacks and cease your assault, he will look around and wander back to his start position. This is a useful, relatively safe, and cheap way to get his armor set.
  • As Gough states in his dialogue he is blind, and fights based on sound alone. Any character can easily (if not quickly) beat him by running in and hitting him once, then leaving and stopping. He will de-agro immediately after finishing his attacks and begin listening for you. You can then walk (not run) back up to him, hit him, then run back and hold still while he de-agros again. The fight is made a little easier with the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring because you no longer need to walk. Ring Of Fog and Hidden Body have no effect, because he is blind. Do not go between his legs or he will body slam and it's hard to escape from.


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Voiced by: Mike Carter

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