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In Game Description

Elementary miracle cast by clerics.
Restores HP.

To cast a miracle, the caster learns a tale
of the Gods, and says a prayer to be blessed
by its revelations. Heal is the shortest
of such miraculous tales.


General Information

Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Support,Self 5 12 - 1 Petrus of Thorolund
Rhea of Thorolund
4,000 Petrus
1,000 Rhea
5,000 Patches
  • The weakest variant of heal miracles. Amount healed is 3 times the Talisman's MagAdjust
  • Effectively can heal (15 times the Talisman's MagAdjust) HP per Attunement slot. This makes it better than Great Heal Excerpt in this respect.
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