Heavy Elite Knight: Magic Knight Build

Level: 144

Vitality: 25

Attunement: 19 [ 5 attunement slots ]

Endurance: 55

Stregnth: 34

Dexterity: 20

Resistance: 11

Intelligence: 50

Faith: 12

This build started from the Bandit class, but I would recommend the Pyromancer class instead if you wish to attempt to make this build. The armor pieces I used for this are of the following: Elite Knight Helm +10, Steel Armor +10, Silver Knight Gauntlents +5 (Or Havel's Gauntlents), Steel Leggings +10.

For Rings, I only used the Havel's Ring as my main ring that I would keep on at all times (Unfortunately, equipping the Ring of Favor seems to not show any signs of improvement in weight reduction, so I will leave the second ring as optional, although, I will recommend using the Hornet Ring or Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring, since this is both a tank and magic build. )

The weapons I used for this build are of the following: Moonlight Greatsword +5, Velkas Rapier +5, Oolacile Ivory Catalyst, Greatshield of Artorious +5, Avelyn +15 (used with either Heavy Bolts or Lightning Bolts). I also used the Zweihander +15 and Greataxe +15, and Dragonslayer Greatbow (or optionally Gough's Greatbow). [ I would like to add in a side note that rolling is just under the fastest rolling speed, but still can roll pretty decently none the less, even with the Black Knight Greatsword equipped. ]

The Spells I would normally have equipped would be of the following: Pursuers [ 2 attunement slots required ], Dark Orb, Dark Bead, and Crystal Soul Spear [ Or Soul Spear as an alternative. ]. For those who do not have the Artorious dlc, I would recommend the following: Crystal Soulmass, Crystal Soul Spear, and any type of Soul Arrow or spell of your choice.

This build normally can manage itself, however, do consider being cautious, due to having a somewhat low vitality, you may find yourself dying from time to time. Beware of bleed builds, because the bleed buildup can be somewhat of a nuscience, so carrying Blood Moss Clumps (Red Moss) is a must. If you are capable of parrying, consider equipping a caestus or parrying dagger, as well as reorganizing your equiptment so you can access certain pieces of equiptment as quickly as possible.

This build is more focused on pvp, but can manage fairly well in pve as well.

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