Help me! Carving


In game Description

Head carved of archtrees by Gough in his
imprisonment. Gough imparts an emotion to
each and every completed carving, which
helps him achieve personal enlightenment.
When a head is disturbed, it speaks,
reflecting the emotion conferred to it.

This head says "Help me!". Have another
look. Can you hear the desperate plea?


From the bonfire, go down the path and towards the bridge. Before reaching the bridge, there will be a ledge on the right you can jump down to, and down until you reach a dead end with multiple Humanity Phantoms. The carving will be on a dead body. Get back up by using Homeward/Homeward Bone, or by dropping/rolling onto the pathway below, located just beyond the corpse.


  • Verbal gesture - says the words 'Help me!' when used.
  • Doesn't disappear upon use.
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