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In-Game Description

Great miracle cast by advance clerics.
Return to last bonfire rested at.

Would normally link to one's homeland,
only the curse of the Undead has distorted
its power, redirecting casters to a bonfire.

Or perhaps for Undead, this serves as home?


General Information

Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Support,Self 1 18 - 1 Petrus of Thorolund
Rhea of Thorolund
8,000 Petrus
1,000 Rhea
  • Spell form of the Homeward Bone item. Returns to the last bonfire rested at and restores HP, charges of attuned spells, and respawns all enemies.
  • Takes roughly 2 seconds to cast.
  • Useful for recovering bloodstains in dangerous areas or speeding up a route used for farming of souls or items.
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