Homing Soulmass


In-Game Description

Sorcery developed by Big Hat Logan.
Fire homing soulmass.

Life originates in the soul; no wonder the
soulmass draws toward it. This sorcery is a
window into seeker Logan's methods.


General Information

Spell Type Uses Intelligence Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
Ranged,Magic 10 18 n/a 1 Attunement Slot Griggs of Vinheim
Big Hat Logan
20,000 Souls
  • Creates up to five orbs of light that attack the nearest enemy. Each orb deals about 0.7 * catalyst's MagAdjust magic damage.
  • Has a limited amount of time (around a minute) to be put to use before they vanish.
  • Will not phase through walls, doors, etc.
  • If it touches an NPC, it will damage them, and make the normal "breaking" animation.
  • Will not target enemies until they are approximately 5 meters from the player.
  • Depending on the caster's intelligence stat, they will be able to shoot between two to five soulmasses. This following table shows how many intelligence level are needed for each additional soulmass.
Intelligence Number of Projectiles
18 2
19 3
25 4
31 5
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