Humanity (item)

Humanity in 'solid form' is collected or purchased as a Consumable that will appear in the item inventory. These consumables are not lost upon death and, when used, are converted to Humanity in 'loose form' as an increase to the Humanity stat. Solid form Humanity consumables can not be used directly to revive to human form or to kindle a bonfire - they must be used from the item menu to obtain a resulting Humanity stat point, which can then be spent.

In Game Description

Rare tiny black sprite found on corpses.
Use to gain 1 humanity and restore a
large amount of HP.

This black sprite is called humanity, but
little is known about its true nature.
If the soul is the source of all life,
then what distinguishes the humanity
we hold within ourselves?




Refer to the Humanity Farming page for ways of quickly acquiring humanity.


Soft Humanity (stat)

Humanity in 'loose form' is added to the counter to increase the Humanity stat point. It is referred to as Soft Humanity by the community. This is shown in the upper left corner of the HUD as well as on the Character stat screen. Upon death, any Humanity stat points are lost, along with any souls. Both can be retrieved from the player character's Bloodstain.


  • Consume a Humanity (item)
  • Consume a Twin Humanities for 2 Humanities
  • Consume a Fire Keeper Soul for 5 Humanities
  • Use the Dark Hand's strong attack to 'suck' Humanity out of players and NPCs - the number of Humanity absorbed per use is determined by current Darkwraith Covenant rank
  • Kill an invading Darkwraith, players invading with Cracked Red Eye Orb, or Black Phantom NPCs (by interacting with their Bloodstains)
  • Gain Soft Humanity by killing a host player by invading them with Red Eye Orb (by being a Darkwraith Covenant member) or Cracked Red Eye Orb
  • Gain Soft Humanity by being summoned as a white or gold phantom with the White Sign Soapstone and assist the host player with defeating a boss
  • Kill numerous enemies in an area where before defeating the area boss.1


Exact Values

Curse resist figures are presuming no innate resistance granted by equipment

Humanity Item Discovery
Curse Resist Phys defense Mag defense Flame defense Lightning defense
00 100 30 0 0 0 0
01 150 40
02 158 50
03 165 60
04 173 70
05 180 80
06 186 88
07 192 96
08 198 104
09 204 112
10 210 120 13 13 13 15
11 210 122
12 123
13 125
14 126
15 128
16 129
17 131
18 132
19 134
20 135
21 137
22 138
23 140
24 141
25 143
26 144
27 146
28 147
29 149
30-98 150
99 150 109 101 106 117

Bleed and poison resists are unaffected.


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