In-Game Description

Slip sold by bishop of Velka, Goddess of Sin.
If you are killed by an invader, use this
to report the crime of the trespasser.

The indicted player will be added to a list
of unfortunate souls who will one day face
the wrath of the Blades of the Darkmoon



Allows the player to file a negative report of another player who has invaded and killed them.

  • The invader's name will be placed along with other sinners in the Book of the Guilty. Sinners are eligible for invasions by Blade of the Darkmoon covenanters. If the invader is already in the Book of the Guilty, their sin count will increase by 1.
  • The death doesn't need to be directly caused by the invader. It can be PvE or environmental (including suicide) as well.
  • Prompt appears automatically after your death, with a brief countdown (8 seconds), choose Yes or No. You will not see the result, the invader will see "You have been indicted."


  • If you see the message "cannot be indicted," it's because it is a phantom-type that cannot be indicted. Only Dark Spirits and Dragon Spirits can be indicted. Dark Spirits include players invading via the (Cracked) Red Eye Orb, the Red Sign Soapstone and the Cat Covenant Ring (i.e. Forest Hunters).
  • Despite appearing as a consumable in your inventory, an Indictment is infinite use. You only need to buy one to have the permanent ability to indict others. If you have extras, consider dropping them for other players in co-op or PvP, in case they haven't picked one up yet.
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