Infested Ghoul
infested ghoul sword
infested ghoul spear
infested ghoul corpse


Aggressive, human-sized enemies of Blighttown. There are three different types of this enemy each wielding a different weapon; a sword, a spear and a corpse. Though it makes little difference what they carry, as they all have similar attacks and identical health.


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 365 150
NG+ 701 450
NG+6 876 563


Item Chance* Notes
Broken Straight Sword 2% Drop from Sword wielding Ghouls
Spear 2% Drop from Spear wielding Ghouls
Soul of a Lost Undead 20% Drop from Corpse wielding Ghouls
Large Soul of a Lost Undead 10% Drop from Corpse wielding Ghouls
Soul of a Nameless Soldier 5% Drop from Corpse wielding Ghouls
Humanity 1% Drop from Corpse wielding Ghouls

*Item drop rates can be improved by increasing Item Discovery
Multiple items can't drop from the same kill for these enemies.


Attack Damage Damage
Parry Tracking
Swing (Sword) 248/0/0 Normal Yes Both Fast
Strong Attack (Sword) 351/0/0 Normal Yes Neither Slow
Jump Stab (Sword) 335/0/0 Normal Yes Neither Medium
Swing (Spear) 238/0/0 Normal Yes Both Fast
Strong Attack (Spear) 320/0/0 Normal Yes Neither Slow
Swing (Blunt) 265/0/0 Strike Yes Both Fast
Strong Attack (Blunt) 385/0/0 Strike Yes Neither Slow
Push 191/0/0 Strike No Neither Fast
Grab 113/0/0 Normal No Neither Slow


The Infested Ghouls have a wide range of attacks that you've seen before from previous enemies. The tactics are quite similar to those needed for handling Hollows.

All of the ghouls' attacks can be blocked easily. If you have a shield that can block the attack and stagger the ghoul, then move around behind it for a backstab. They are dangerous in packs as they can break through your guard and kill you quickly. Attacking from a distance to try and reduce their numbers is a good strategy. They will mostly attack by swinging wildly and try to overwhelm you. The most dangerous attack is its grab. You can tell when it's going to try and grab when it holds both its arms out and prepares to jump at you. If successful it will keep biting at you causing high damage. Be sure to interrupt its grab with a quick strike, or avoid it by strafing or stepping out of reach. They also seem to have low bleed resistance. (Example: I am using my Gold Tracer +5 to kill them in NG+. The first hit does 270, then the second hit does 430.)

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