• Meets Intelligence requirements for equipments and sorceries
  • Damage modifier on weapons with Intelligence scaling
  • Magic Adjustment modifier for most catalysts
  • Affects the number of projectile summoned by Homing Soulmass and Homing Crystal Soulmass
  • Meets Intelligence requirements for accessing certain NPCs' services

Intelligence Requirements

Intelligence Sorceries with Intelligence Requirement Equipments with Intelligence Requirement and/or Scaling1
0 - Titanite Catch Pole, Stone Greatsword
10 Soul Arrow, Magic Weapon, Magic Shield, Aural Decoy Beatrice's Catalyst, Demon's Catalyst, Oolacile Catalyst, Sorcerer's Catalyst
12 Heavy Soul Arrow Oolacile Ivory Catalyst, Tin Banishment Catalyst
13 - Manus Catalyst
14 Great Soul Arrow, Hidden Weapon, Hidden Body, Repair, Cast Light, Chameleon Izalith Catalyst, Moonlight Butterfly Horn
15 Great Magic Weapon, Strong Magic Shield, Hush, Fall Control -
16 Dark Bead, Dark Orb, Great Heavy Soul Arrow, Remedy, Resist Curse Velka's Rapier, Velka's Talisman
18 Dark Fog, Homing Soulmass Abyss Greatsword, Greatsword of Artorias (cursed)
20 - Greatsword of Artorias
24 Homing Crystal Soulmass Channeler's Trident, Logan's Catalyst
25 Crystal Magic Weapon -
28 - Moonlight Greatsword
32 Pursuers Tin Crystallization Catalyst
36 Soul Spear -
44 Crystal Soul Spear -
50 White Dragon Breath -

Intelligence NPC Unique Benefits
10 Griggs of Vinheim Access to Aural Decoy, Fall Control, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, and Lingering Dragoncrest Ring
11 Eingyi An additional Pyromancy Flame
15 Big Hat Logan Only needed at Firelink Shrine, Gives access to Homing Soulmass and Soul Spear as early as roughly half of Sen's Fortress


  • Catalysts generally scale with Intelligence, and therefore this can lead to stronger spells
  • Lack of Intelligence to wield a weapon or shield (as shown with the red X on the D-pad menu) doesn't make the character have a different animation like Strength does, but the weapon still gets the damage penalty and bouncing attacks
  • In addition to the equipments listed above, equipments in Magic and Enchanted upgrade paths also have Intelligence scaling for Magic damage
  • Pyromancy Flame has an Intelligence scaling listed. This scaling, however, does not affect its damage whatsoever.
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