Invasion Spawn Locations

Invasion Spawn Locations

  • Invaders will spawn in a variety of predetermined locations.
  • These locations also apply to those who invade via Gravelord Soul Sign. The Gravelord sign itself can appear anywhere in a level, as it follows the location of the Gravelord Servant, but the location of the sign causes players to spawn at the corresponding locations in the list below.
  • The most popular places to invade from are the ones that are accessible nearest bonfires. There are some players who recognize this and wait for invaders to attack as soon as they spawn. If these encounters happen too often, using different locations is a reliable solution. There's little incentive for jumpers to wait by the less common invasion points, and there are too many for them to manage at once in most levels.
  • In Dark Souls Remastered, you will invade at the closest spawn location to the host even if you invaded from a different nearby location. Certain spawn points are grouped together, and you have a chance of invading hosts in any of these locations. To determine which spawn locations are grouped, look at the MP ID in the table below. Any IDs that differ from a given location by 5 or less are grouped together. For example, if you invade from the bonfire at the bottom of Blighttown (location #5, MP ID 140012) you can invade any hosts in locations #4-7 (MP ID 140010-140013). You will not be able to invade hosts in locations #1-3 at the top of Blighttown (MP ID 140000-140002) because the MP ID difference is too large.

List of Spawn Locations

It can be very handy for an invader to know the shortest distance to travel from a bonfire to get more variation from their online play. This list includes the known boundaries and quickest ways to reach the different locations. The locations are numbered and ordered in a way that players would most likely encounter these spots if they were playing through a level for the first time.

Area # MP ID Spawn Location Suggested location to use invasion item Location boundaries
The Undead Burg 1. 101000 Bottom of steps right at level start, outside of sewer tunnel. Backtrack from the Burg bonfire to the first firebomb thrower in the level. Works anywhere before stepping into the building past the first firebomb thrower, after exiting from Firelink Shrine tunnel.
2. 101010 Outside the bonfire room. By the spawn point itself. From the building past the first firebomb thrower in the level, to the building with the shortcut to the Lower Undead Burg. Includes lower area with merchant.
3. 101011 Next to the Taurus Demon fog gate. Underneath the wooden platform with the three firebomb throwers. Begins immediately outside the room with the Lower Undead Burg shortcut, lasts for the rest of level up until the fog gate.
The Undead Parish 1. 101200 Middle of dragon bridge. Sunlight Altar bonfire in the Undead Parish. Works where Solaire is first met, upper and lower dragon bridge, and boar area of Undead Parish. Ends beyond the drop gate and on the uppermost walkway above the boar area.
2. 101210 Next to the Bell Gargoyle fog gate. Outside the church, coming from the blacksmith bonfire. Works anywhere beyond the drop gate (on the same side as the church), in and around the church, and near the Baldur Knights closer to the boar area.
The Lower Undead Burg 1. 101100 Beginning of level, top of steps outside the long ladder entrance. Steps coming down from the Undead Burg shortcut. In the corner between the first and second set of Undead Assassin traps. Includes entire level on that side of the boundary.
2. 101101 On the bridge in front of the Capra Demon fog gate. Staircase by female undead merchant. In the corner between the first and second set of Undead Assassin traps. Includes entire level on that side of the boundary.
The Depths 1. 100000 Very beginning of level, by the Lower Undead Burg entrance. By the first open-able door in the level (end of the L-shaped hallway with the 2nd butcher). Between the start of level and the first wooden door. Does not include the rat pit.
2. 100001 By the rats next to the corpse (on the opposite side of the fence from the giant rat). Depths bonfire. Works from the opposite side of the door mentioned in spawn location #1. Works around the bonfire, before the shortcut door to the lower depths, and through the tunnel area that leads to the Channeler (but not in the Channeler's area). Also works in part of the tunnel beyond the first pit trap to the right (headed from the spawn location).
3. 100010 Platform by the Channeler. Next to the spawn location itself. Starts when exiting the tunnel leading to the Channeler, includes most of the rest of the nearby tunnels, and the giant rat area. Also includes the skeleton pile for the giant rat.
4. 100011 In front of the doors to Blighttown. In the long staircase below the shortcut door by the bonfire. Includes the entire bottom floor (Blighttown doors, curse Basilisks), and the area outside the Gaping Dragon fog gate.
Blighttown 1. 140000 At the opposite end of the room from The Depths doors. On the wooden platform near the upper-bonfire (the one behind the player when respawned there). Begins from The Depths entrance, includes the main path and wooden platforms along the way to the upper-bonfire. Ends before the stone walkway with the bonfire. Does not include the area beneath the Iato-holding corpse.
2. 140001 At the end of the long, shaking walkway. Upper-bonfire. The stone walkway with the bonfire, wooden platforms beneath the Iato.
3. 140002 On a wooden platform directly above the Parasitic Wall Hugger. On the stone walkway with the Infested Ghoul and two Flaming Attack Dogs (near the upper-bonfire). Begins on the stone walkway with attack dogs, includes subsequent wooden platforms and the Eagle Shield location. Includes a portion of the 'vertical tunnel'- ends at the second lowest exit and on the whip-holding corpse.
4. 140010 On a platform at the furthest edge of the wooden platform structure (where it connects to ground-level), near a Blowdart Sniper and the Cragspiders. Base of wooden structure (travel from lower-bonfire). Outside the vertical tunnel's lower exits (including the whip and below inside tunnel), and the rest of the wooden structure. Ends on ground level.
5. 140012 On the large tree branch outside the Great Hollow. Lower-bonfire. Lower-bonfire, the ground level of the poison lake up to the two large stone pillars outside the bonfire and to the right.
6. 140011 Outside Quelaag's boss room. Near the second Cragspider outside and to the right from the bonfire. Ground level of poison lake, opposite side of the large stone pillars mentioned above.
7. 140013 Near the Valley of Drakes entrance. Base of wooden structures that lead to the Valley of Drakes. From the Valley of Drakes to the ground level. Includes the area with several Blowdart Snipers.
Darkroot Garden (Outside the Forest) 1. 120000** Outside the Titanite Demon room. Illusory wall bonfire. Starts from Parish entrance, lasts until fog gate before the Giant Stone Knights. Includes all of the Darkroot Basin. (Note: Darkroot Basin MP ID = 120001)
2. 120010 Next to the Witch Beatrice summon, bottom of staircase to Butterfly. Where entering the first wider area with the Stone Knights. Area surrounding the Moonlight Butterfly. Ends at the clearing with the first Frog-Ray.
3. 120011 Bottom of tunnel-path to Wolf Ring. Clearing with lone Frog-Ray. Frog-Ray / Wolf Ring area.
Darkroot Garden (Inside the Forest) 1. 120100 Top of steps near the bonfire. Bottom of steps. After the sealed door. Ends on the bridge to the 3 Great Felines, and outside the ruined building by the Stone Armor set.
2. 120101 Middle of bridge before Sif. Exit the ruined structure by the Stone Armor set (end of bridge leading to mushrooms). The rest of the level opposite the boundaries mentioned in #1.
Sen's Fortress 1. 150000 Platform by fake wall (top of ladder that exits tar pit). First room of Sen's Fortress. From the Gate of Sen's Fortress up to (but not including) the room with the first treasure chest. Includes roof with the gate Giant. Does not include the tar pit.
2. 150011 Tar pit, on the platform by the bottom of the ladder. Tar pit. Tar pit.
3. 150001 In front of the breakable wall that leads to Logan. Room behind the first Serpent Mage with the treasure chest. From the room with the first treasure chest to the (but not including) the room with the second arrow trap plate. Includes the room with Ring of Steel Protection at the top of the boulder path, and where Siegmeyer is found.
4. 150010 In the small cell with the bent-open bar window, next to the Serpent Mage on the wooden platform above the boulder path. Room with boulder control device. Begins in the room with the second arrow trap plate, ends at the hallway with third arrow trap by the boulder device. Includes area with mimic chest.
5. 150012 On a beam directly above the last walkway with pendulum axes. In the hallway next to the balcony bonfire. Begins by the hallway with the third arrow trap, lasts until rooftop.
6. 150020 On the roof, on a landing next to where the first fire bombs are thrown at the player. Balcony bonfire. Begins where first reaching the rooftop, includes area with Ricard. Ends at the walkway where players can jump to reach the Crestfallen Merchant.
7. 150021 Next to the crossbow Baldur Knight, outside the fog gate room. Walkway to Crestfallen Merchant. From the start of the Crestfallen Merchant walkway to the rest of the level. Includes the cage key area.
Anor Londo 1. 151000 Main outdoor walkway, before the rotating platform (by the first gargoyle). Anywhere it works- requires travel from the Anor Londo or Darkmoon Tomb bonfire either way. Works anywhere outside after the elevator from the Anor Londo bonfire, before the rotating bridge. Also includes the catwalks and ground floor of Ariamis painting room.
2. 151010 Outside the great hall, in front of the large shortcut doors. Darkmoon Tomb bonfire. Between the rotating bridge and great hall doors, and the area 'to the right' with the three Bat Wing Demons. Darkmoon Tomb is also included. Does not include outside area by blacksmith.
3. 151011 Platform with the two Bat Wing Demons, where the Greatbow Silver Knights start shooting at the player. Outside balcony by Solaire bonfire. From the walkway that leads down to the Bat Wing Demons to the balcony before the Solaire bonfire.
4. 151020 Hallway outside mid-level bonfire, near balcony. Solaire bonfire. The same floor as the bonfire. Includes the hidden area underneath the fireplace. Also includes the room with the Silver Knight Armor, but only to the top of the second set of steps.
5. 151021 On the roof with the two Silver Knights. Top of spiral staircase near the mid-level bonfire. Roof and upper floors of that area.
6. 151022 Inside the great hall, base of stairway to Ornstein & Smough. Inside great hall, travel from Chamber of Princess bonfire. Includes all of the great hall and the area outside the blacksmith.
Painted World of Ariamis 1. 110000 On the bridge at the beginning of the level. By the bonfire. Anywhere from the bridge, to the bonfire, and up to (but not inside) the building with several bloated undead inside. Does not include the courtyard past the large shortcut doors.
2. 110010 Inside the chapel (lower annex), in front of the door that requires the annex key. In the courtyard. Includes the area where Xanthious spawns, the underground area with the skeleton bonewheels, the courtyard, lower annex, and the final walkway that leads to Priscilla. Does not include the upper walkway to Priscilla, nor the inside ground level of the tower.
3. 110001 Top of the tower, where the Red Sign Soapstone is found. In the ground level of the tower. Anywhere in the tower, by the dragon, inside and around the building with the several bloated undead. Lower floors of that building and platforms around the tower included.
4. 110011 Annex, on the rooftop with the dark ember. Anywhere past the annex door. Area beyond the annex door (it is not necessary to go to the roof, just beyond the door to the staircase).
The Duke's Archives 1. 170000 Middle of staircase in the first great hall. Balcony bonfire. Begins after the entrance elevator, includes all of the ground level and second floor walkways in both great halls. Does not include the area behind the bookcase with the tall ladder.
2. 170001 Above the rotating walkway in the first great hall. Behind the bookcase near the tall ladder (near Logan after rescued). Includes 3rd and 4th floors in both great halls and path to the prison, as well as the area behind the bookcase on (ground level) with the tall ladder.
3. 170010 On the wooden platform with the ladder outside. On the platform. Outside the archive, area with Crystal Golems. Ends at the entrance to the Crystal Cave.
Crystal Cave 1. 170011 Beginning of level on walkway. Entrance to Crystal Cave or outside Seath's room. Entire level.
The Catacombs 1. 130000 In the room before the first bonfire, by the two skeletons. Either bonfire. Beginning of level to the end of the second rotating bridge. Includes hidden bonfire area.
2. 130010 By the entrance of the room with the breakable (non-illusory) wall. In the aforementioned room. Includes most of the rest of the level after the second rotating bridge, before the ground level. Includes the Titanite Demon area.
3. 130011 Far end of the Skeleton Wheel area. On the shortcut landing (by Leeroy summon). Ground area.
Tomb of the Giants 1. 131000 Beginning of level, next to the first Giant Skeleton. Top of the ladder (platform with 2 Giant Skeletons), up from the first bonfire. From the start of the level to the bottom of the 2nd-to-last ramp slide, or the bottom of the ladder.
2. 131001 Inside the Large Divine Ember tomb with the many Giant Skeletons. First bonfire. Begins at the bottom of 2nd-to-last ramp slide, bottom of ladder. Includes Patch's pit. Ends shortly after the first Skeleton Beast.
3. 131010 Next to the 2nd / 3rd Skeleton Beast and the Giant Skeleton Archer. Second bonfire. Begins shortly after the first Skeleton Beast, ends on first downwards path from the second bonfire.
4. 131011 Paladin Leeroy spawn location (end of the path overlooking Ash Lake). First path headed down from the second bonfire. From the downwards path until the cave entrance.
5. 131012 Entrance of cave (close to #4). Entrance of cave. From the start of the cave until the final room before the fog gate.
6. 131013 In front of Nito's fog gate. Final room with the Pinwheel Servants. Final room, as soon as the narrow cave path ends.
Demon Ruins 1. 141000 Bridge to Ceaseless Discharge. Near the bridge. From walkway to Ceaseless' fog gate.
2. 141100 Platform by the several Capra Demons. Bonfire under the Capra Demons. Entire area from the first Capra Demon to the Demon Firesage fog gate. Includes the Lost Izalith shortcut path and Large Flame Ember corridor.
3. 141200 Underneath the branch walkway before the Centipede Demon fog gate. Bonfire before Centipede Demon. Entire area after the Demon Firesage boss room, between the elevator to Quelaag's Domain and the Centipede Demon.
Lost Izalith 1. 141300 Platform above illusory-wall (or "second") bonfire. Either bonfire. Entire "lower area" of level. From the Centipede Demon to the top of the tree-branch walkway near the second bonfire.
2. 141301 Outside the Bed of Chaos fog gate. Where the tree-branch walkway (from the second bonfire) exits into the area with the Demonic Statues. Entire "upper area" of level. Includes poison pit and shortcut to Demon Ruins.
New Londo Ruins 1. 160100 Base of elevator (level entrance). Level entrance. From the start of the level to the area with the first ghosts.
2. 160101 Inside the first building, by the ghost nearest the banshee. On the staircase beyond the first two ghosts in the level. From the staircase to the first building up to the exit of the first building. Does not include lower floors.
3. 160110 Inside the second building, end of hall near the Cursebite Ring. Ladder-shortcut walkway. From outside the first building to inside the second building. Includes lower ladder-area.
4. 160111 Middle of upper-walkway leading to the drain lever. Immediately after ascending the corner-stairs on the walkway towards the drain lever. Includes walkway to drain lever, drain lever area, and roof of second building. Also includes the bottom of the drain lever elevator.
5. 160112 By the exit of the small wooden building nearest the drakes. After exiting the first building (ground level), heading towards the wooden-structure. Includes the area between the base of the lever drain elevator and the entrance to the first building (ground floor).
6. 160120 By the corpse carrying the soul of the brave warrior, inside the first building. Ground floor of first building. Includes the ground floor of first building and the path to the very large ember.
7. 160121 By the Four Kings fog gate. Take the shortcut down to the area with the knee-high water. Includes exit of first building (headed towards watery area with the nearby illusory wall), inside the ground floor of the second building, and up to the fog gate.
Kiln of the First Flame 1. 180000 Level Entrance. Level entrance. From the start of the level to the second Black Knight.
2. 180001 In front of the second Black Knight. By the second Black Knight. Starts by the second Knight, ends at the bridge walkways.
3. 180002 In front of Gwyn's fog gate. On the bridge walkway. From the bridges to the end of the level.

Spawn Locations in new Prepare to Die Edition/ DLC Areas

Area # MP ID Spawn Location Suggested location to use invasion item Location boundaries
Sanctuary Garden 1. 121000 By the bonfire. By the bonfire. Between the bonfire and boss fog gate.
Royal Wood 1. 121100 Middle of bridge by beginning of the level. By the first bridge. Includes the entire level before the second bridge, or descending the shortcut elevator.
2. 121101 Outside the boss fog gate. Travel from Oolacile Township bonfire, use by spawn location itself. Includes level after the second bridge, and lower area after descending the elevators. Does not include the valley below.
3. 121102 In the valley. Bottom of steps descending into the valley. Begins about halfway down the steps into the valley near Chester, ends by Kalameet fog gate.
Oolacile Township 1. 121200 By the level entrance. Oolacile Township Bonfire. From the beginning of the level up until the building after the long narrow bridge.
2. 121201 By the Bloathead Sorcerer nearest the Chained Prisoner. From the bonfire, access the shortcut elevator and invade from the lower level. Begins in the building after the long narrow bridge and lasts for the rest of the level.
Chasm of the Abyss 1. 121210 At the top of the descending bridge that leads to the fog room. From the Oolacile Township Dungeon bonfire. The entire level.

Ring-Summoned Invasions

Players cannot choose where to spawn with ring-summoned invasions. They have their own, randomized locations that are unique from the above list.

Inside the Forest, Using the Cat Covenant Ring:

  1. Next to the entrance stairs.
  2. Next to Alvina.
  3. In the middle of the area with the Demonic Foliages.
  4. Next to a cliff by the water puddle.

Twilight Anor Londo, Using the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring:

  1. Middle of bridge to rotating platform, beginning of level.
  2. By the lever to the rotating platform, bottom of steps outside Great Hall.
  3. Inside the Great Hall, near the entrance by the large shortcut doors.

Additional Notes

  • Sometimes the 'invasion canceled' message does not show up when transitioning between the boundaries of spawn areas. There are areas where it happens and where it doesn't. In places where it doesn't, players will spawn depending on where they used their invasion item, not where they are when they start to be summoned.
  • The Great Hollow, Ash Lake, Undead Asylum, and the Valley of Drakes are non-multiplayer locations where invasions cannot happen.
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