Karmic Justice

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In Game Description

Miracle of the black-haired witch Velka.
Temporary autocounter vs. heavy damage.

For each sin there is a punishment, and
it is the task of Goddess Velka to define
the sin, and mete out the punishment.


Sold by Oswald of Carim

General Information

  • When cast, creates a visible buff effect on the player that lasts for 60 seconds. During that time, if the player receives damage 4-6 times within a 5 second period, Karmic Justice will trigger and create a large, highly damaging shockwave similar to Wrath of the Gods, but with an instantaneous casting speed and colored purple.
  • This spell's damage formula is bugged. Karmic Justice's damage formula only calculates the MagAdjust of the weapon equipped on the right hand at the time of the explosion. This means:
    • The damage scales off the MagAdjust of any magic catalyst you have on your right hand, whether it's a talisman, a catalyst, or a Pyromancy Flame.
    • Wielding a high MagAdjust talisman on the left hand (e.g. for casting this miracle) and normal weapon on the right hand yields lower damage explosion, but:
    • This miracle somehow treats Magic damage on the right hand non-catalyst weapons as a MagAdjust, but weaker (e.g. wielding Moonlight Greatsword yields stronger explosion compared to wielding Obsidian Greatsword on the right hand at the time of explosion, but still weaker than if you wield Tin Crystallization Catalyst).
Spell Type Uses Faith Duration Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
AoE 4 20 60 sec 1 Oswald of Carim 40,000


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