Karmic Justice

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In Game Description

Miracle of the black-haired witch Velka.
Temporary autocounter vs. heavy damage.

For each sin there is a punishment, and
it is the task of Goddess Velka to define
the sin, and mete out the punishment.


General Information

MagAdj Modifier Uses Duration Dex Reduction Stats Needed Slot Cost NPC Trainer Training Cost
0/3.0/0/0 4 60 seconds 0 frames 20 Faith 1 Attunement Slot Oswald of Carim 40,000
  • When cast, it creates a visible buff effect on the player that lasts for 60 seconds. If the player is hit 5 times in a row while Karmic Justice is active, it will trigger and create a large, highly damaging shockwave similar to Wrath of the Gods, with identical range (4 ingame units) but significantly higher stamina damage. The explosion effect is colored purple.
  • This spell's damage is bugged and can be easily exploited, even unintentionally. Karmic Justice's damage formula only calculates the MagAdjust of the weapon equipped on the right hand at the time of the explosion. This means:
    • The damage scales off the MagAdjust of any magic catalyst in a character's right hand, whether it's a talisman, a catalyst, or a Pyromancy Flame.
    • Wielding a high MagAdjust talisman on the left hand (e.g. for casting this miracle) and normal weapon on the right hand yields lower damage explosion, but:
    • This miracle treats ALL Intelligence and Faith scaling on the right hand non-catalyst weapons as a MagAdjust (e.g. wielding Moonlight Greatsword yields stronger explosion compared to wielding Obsidian Greatsword on the right hand at the time of explosion, but still weaker than wielding Tin Crystallization Catalyst).
    • A weapon's AR for an attributed (Physical, Magical…) in general is calculated as $\textrm{BaseDMG}\cdot\left(1+\textrm{X}\right)$ with X representing the scaling of the weapon dependent on the player's stats and the tool's scaling behavior. MagAdj uses an identical formula, for which BaseDMG is always 100 and which sums the Intelligence and Faith scaling.
    • Except for Bows with Moonlight Arrows equipped, you can calculate an effective MagAdjust by taking the scaling bonus for Magic damage and dividing it by the weapon's base damage, multiplying that by 100 and then adding 100.

Trigger Buildup Timing

The AoE blast only occurs when the player is hit 5 times in a row. Each hit must occur within 3 seconds of the previous hit in order to continue counting up to 5. Any wait longer than 3 seconds will restart the buildup process.

Triggering Opportunities

In addition to taking 5 hits normally, there are a few more ways to trigger the explosion:

  • Karmic Justice can trigger even if damage is taken through a shield. As such, one possible tactic is to use a shield with less than 100% physical damage reduction and simply block attacks until it goes off.
  • Individual orbs within spells like Homing Crystal Soulmass, Pursuers, or Dark Bead all count as individual sources of damage. If at least five projectiles from a single spell cast hit the player, even simultaneously, it will trigger.
  • Rolling through hits to avoid damage with i-frames will still allow the Karmic Justice buildup to occur.
  • Hits are still counted if an enemy continues attacking the same space where the caster just died. It is possible to trigger the explosion and kill others shortly after death.
  • Standing in lava will trigger Karmic Justice very quickly.


MagAdj Modifier:

The Magic Adjustment Modifier stat dictates how much damage the spell does. The Damage stats for a weapon are W / X / Y / Z:

  • W is Physical Damage
  • X is Magical Damage
  • Y is Fire Damage
  • Z is Lightning Damage

Certain enemies are weak or strong against different damage types.

Uses: The number of times a spell can be used before having to refill it by sitting at a bonfire. Having found and attuned multiple of the same spell will multiply the number of times it can be used. Some spells will reduce the counter my more than 1 with each cast.
Duration: The duration casted buffs, lingering or the player following attacks last. Can be extended with the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.
Slot Cost: The number of attunement slots necessary to attune one instance of a spell.
Stats Needed: The Stats Needed determines how high various Stats must be in order to cast a spell. One also needs to be able to wield the catalyst used. Pyromancies do not require any stats, Sorceries require a minimum Intelligence, Miracles require a minimum Faith.
Dex Reduction: The number of frames by which the startup of a spell is shortened at 45 dexterity, see Casting Speed.
NPC Trainer,
Training Cost:
The NPC who can teach the player the spell for the Training Cost.
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