Icon Name Availability Opens Special note
annex-key.png Annex Key Painted World of Ariamis The storage annex in the Painted World of Ariamis -
archive-tower-cell-key.png Archive Tower Cell Key Serpent Soldier Escape from the prison in the The Duke's Archives -
archive-tower-giant-cell-key.png Archive Tower Giant Cell Key The Duke's Archives / Crystal Cave Giant cell in the The Duke's Archives Free Big Hat Logan second time
archive-tower-giant-door-key.png Archive Tower Giant Door Key The Duke's Archives / Crystal Cave Escape Archive Tower in the The Duke's Archives -
archive-prison-extra-key.png Archive Prison Extra Key The Duke's Archives / Crystal Cave Many prison cells within the Archive Tower in the The Duke's Archives -
basement-key.png Basement Key Undead Parish Lower section of the Undead Burg -
big-pilgrim-s-key.png Big Pilgrim´s Key Undead Asylum Large door in the boss chamber of the Undead Asylum -
blighttown-key.png Blighttown Key Gaping Dragon drop Enter Blighttown -
broken-pendant.png Broken Pendant The Duke's Archives Crystal Golem drop Allows you to "travel" through a portal to ancient Oolacile Additional Content
cage-key.png Cage Key Sen's Fortress treasure Needed to open various locked cages in Sen's Fortress Release Big Hat Logan
crest-key.png Crest Key Oolacile Township Mimic drop Open the locked door above the Knight Artorias arena that leads to Hawkeye Gough Additional Content
crest-of-artorias.png Crest of Artorias buy from Andre of Astora Opens the large door to Darkroot Garden Avoid fighting Hydra
dungeon-cell-key.png Dungeon Cell Key Undead Asylum Opens dungeon of Undead Asylum in the north -
key-to-new-londo-ruins.png Key to New Londo Ruins Blighttown treasure Gate between New Londo Ruins and the Valley of Drakes -
key-to-the-depths.png Key to the Depths Capra Demon drop Door to The Depths -
key-to-the-seal.png Key to the Seal Ingward drop or gift Gate to access the water control for New Londo Ruins -
master-key.png Master Key Initial equip for the Thief Class.
Sold by Domhnall of Zena
Opens any basic lock -
mystery-key.png Mystery Key Undead Burg treasure Church cell in the Undead Parish Save Knight Lautrec of Carim
peculiar-doll.png Peculiar Doll Undead Asylum treasure Painting in Anor Londo church Enter Painted World Of Ariamis
residence-key.png Residence Key Buy from Undead Merchant(Male) Various doors in the Undead Burg Release Griggs of Vinheim
undead-asylum-f2-east-key.png Undead Asylum F2 East Key Undead Asylum treasure F2 East gate in the Undead Asylum -
undead-asylum-f2-west-key.png Undead Asylum F2 West Key Firelink Shrine treasure F2 West gate in the Undead Asylum -
sewer-chamber-key.png Sewer Chamber Key The Depths treasure Door to the Bonfire in The Depths -
watchtower-basement-key.png Watchtower Basement Key Darkroot Garden treasure Undead Burg watchtower -

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