Kingseeker Frampt
Kingseeker Frampt


Kingseeker Frampt is a friend to the Great Lord Gwyn. Since Gwyn became the fuel for the First Flame, Frampt, as Kingseeker, is currently looking for a new Great Lord to prolong the Age of Fire. He tasks the chosen Undead to travel to Anor Londo to acquire the Lordvessel, then collect powerful Souls to satiate the Lordvessel so that the chosen Undead can take Lord Gwyn's place.


Firelink Shrine
Appears after ringing both Bells of Awakening. He'll appear from the hole at the pool area, now drained of water, near the "quest item" treasure chest.


  • The only way you can "sell" your items for souls. You cannot "buy" back items "sold" to Frampt. Use the "Feed Item" option on his dialogue options.
  • Break down higher ranked Titanites for a number of lower ranked ones. The option will only appear if you have the corresponding Titanite. (e.g. the option "Feed Titanite Slab" won't appear if you don't have any Titanite Slab in your inventory)
  • Warps you to Firelink Altar and vice-versa. Use the "Warp" option on his dialogue options.
Feed Return
Large Titanite Shard 5x Titanite Shard
Green Titanite Shard 5x Titanite Shard
Titanite Chunk 3x Large Titanite Shard
Blue Titanite Chunk 3x Green Titanite Shard
White Titanite Chunk 3x Green Titanite Shard
Red Titanite Chunk 3x Green Titanite Shard
Titanite Slab 2x Titanite Chunk
Blue Titanite Slab 2x Blue Titanite Chunk
White Titanite Slab 2x White Titanite Chunk
Red Titanite Slab 2x Red Titanite Chunk


  • After you ring the first Bell of Awakening, you can hear his snores (with subtitles) when you walk in the pool area in Firelink Shrine.
  • If you drop into the hole while he's asleep and place the Lordvessel then warp back out and speak with him again, he'll state that you are not the chosen and leave. You can still hop down to deliver the Souls though.
  • Any time you visit him after changing area, you may find him sleeping. Attack him once to wake him up. More than one hit will make him become hostile and he will leave your current game cycle.
  • Feeding items to Frampt can show some backstory in itself, primarily by looking at the soul value of various items.

Bug Notes

  • There appears to be a glitch in NG+ playthroughs where you will not get the option to break down upgrade materials carried over from previous playthroughs. This can be fixed by removing all of these materials from your inventory (either by depositing them in the bottomless box, or by dropping them), then reacquiring them.

Frampt's Dialogues

Voiced by: Peter Marinker

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