Knight Lautrec of Carim


A knight from Carim and a devout of the goddess Fina. His love for Fina makes him a psychopath who doesn't care about other people and readily kills them after they served their purposes.


Undead Parish
Locked in a cell located on the upper floor of the church. Before climbing the ladder that leads to the Bell Gargoyles, continue counter-clockwise around the top floor. After fighting a Balder Knight, there is a broken door that can be smashed, revealing a staircase. Go up the stairs to find Lautrec's cell. The cell can be opened using the Mystery Key or a Master Key. This encounter is optional.

Firelink Shrine
Sitting opposite of Anastacia of Astora. He'll appear in Firelink Shrine either after you release him from his cell in Undead Parish, or after you beat the Bell Gargoyles. He seems to disappear and re-appear at random times before finally moving on to Anor Londo.

Anor Londo
Can be invaded using the Black Eye Orb in the grand hall outside of the Ornstein and Smough boss room.


  • If you set him free and talk to him afterwards, you will be able to summon him to help with the Bell Gargoyles and the Gaping Dragon. Find his soul sign near each boss' fog door.
  • During his stay in Firelink Shrine, he will offer a tip at the cost of 100 souls per soul level. Taking him up on his offer triggers Petrus of Thorolund to make his confession once you speak to him again.
    • For his "tip" he tells you that Lady Thorolund went into The Catacombs, but was stranded and separated from her followers. She is now alone in The Catacombs.
    • If you decline his offer of intelligence (his tip), he stops offering the information.
    • Once you kill the Gaping Dragon, he will no longer offer this tip, and will instead only mention moving on.
    • To trigger the dialogue where he offers his tip:
      • 1) Kill the Capra Demon - this will trigger Rhea and her companions to arrive at Firelink Shrine.
      • 2) Talk to Petrus (talking to the other three is optional).
      • 3) Let the area reset either by going somewhere else and resting at bonfires for some time, or by quitting the game and reloading a few times (the four of them will disappear since they are supposed to go down into the Catacombs), until Petrus reappears at his original location.
      • 4) Talk to Lautrec.
    • Keep in mind that killing Pinwheel will prevent Rhea and her companions from arriving at Firelink Shrine. It is still possible, however, to trigger Lautrec's tip by talking to Rhea in the Tomb of Giants and returning to the Firelink Shrine immediately afterwards.


Undead Parish & Firelink Shrine
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 862 1,000
NG+ 1,751 4,000
NG+6 2,189 5,000
Anor Londo
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 985 3,267
NG+ 1,724 3,267
NG+6 2,155 3,267




  • If you kill Lautrec without opening his cell door, he will drop the ring and humanity, but the door will no longer be able to be opened. You will not be able to receive the loot.
  • Glitch (Xbox 360) (Xbox Live Marketplace version): After freeing him, he will not be at Firelink shrine, even when restarting the game. His summon sign before the Bell Gargoyles' door will also not be there. No solution has yet been found for this bug.
  • Some new players, during their first playthrough, may want to kill Lautrec right away when found behind the breakable wall in Undead Parish, primarily to acquire the Ring of Favor and Protection (RoFaP). While the main downside of the ring may deter some players – once equipped, the ring can NOT be removed without it breaking and being lost for the remainder of that playthrough; the player, once the ring is equipped, will effectively have just one ring slot for the rest of that playthrough – the RoFaP buffs HP, Stamina, and Equip Load by 20%, a significant buff and powerful item to have, especially for newer players. (Ex: HP 908, Stam 160, Equip Load 105.0 without ring; HP 1089, Stam 192, Equip Load 126.0 with ring). Killing him will end his storyline right there, making certain items like the Dingy set unobtainable for the remainder of that playthrough. Lastly, the RoFaP *can* be obtained later in the game, however the buffs provided are most effectively utilized early on, as a newer player.
  • Refer to the Use section for information on how to trigger him to offer his tip.

Before he kills Anastacia of Astora

If you do not want the Dingy Set or Set of Favor you can kill him before he murders the fire keeper:

  • At Undead Parish - Lure him into Andre of Astora's building (clear the enemies on the way first) and avoid his attacks - DO NOT BLOCK - Eventually he will start walking back to his cell, you can attack him as he is walking. Note this is a risky and slow method as opposed to waiting.
  • At Firelink Shrine - Kick him twice to knock him off the edge to his death. If you quit and reload, or come back later, his drops will appear where he was sitting.
  • Of course he can be killed as standard in either location but at low levels he is a tough opponent.

Finding Lautrec in Anor Londo

After ringing the second Bell of Awakening, check Anastacia's cell to get the Black Eye Orb. When you enter the chamber containing the two Royal Sentinels before the boss room, you will get a message saying the Black Eye Orb is quivering. Simply use the item and you will invade his world where you will find him with his guards.

You do not need to clear the room first, it does not matter if the boss has been defeated, and regardless of the outcome you will simply return to where you used the Black Eye Orb with nothing lost. You can try as many times as necessary.

Once he is defeated you can return the Fire Keeper Soul to Anastacia's cell to restore her and the bonfire.

Dodging and Blocking

Lautrec's attacks will bypass your shield so there is almost no point in blocking him. Roll back from his attacks and otherwise avoid them as much as possible. Alternatively equip a very high resist armour, perhaps Iron Flesh, and just tank him.

Note that you CANNOT use Estus, but Miracles such as Heal, and items such as Humanity will still work.

Using the Ring of Fog you can walk further into the chamber without them noticing you, with the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring you can even get behind them to burst him down or backstab him.


Be careful of his guards, you do not have to kill them but doing so can make the fight a bit easier. As you cannot block, it is wise to two-hand a long range weapon such as a Spear or Halberd, get an attack in and roll back before he gets you into range.

A Zweihander's heavy attack can be used to kite him, using the stairs with this method will reduce the risk of his guards attacking you from the side.

Note if he equips his Parrying Dagger in his left hand and holds it up, he will attempt to parry you should you attack him.

If you have not taken out his guards with a bow (below) then eliminating at least the sorcerer should be relatively easy and then you won't have to worry about projectiles chasing you. He does not have a melee weapon so cannot retaliate, just be mindful of where Lautrec and the other guard are.

The spear-wielder is a typical enemy with a spear. Dispatch as you would a normal hollow (albeit one with a lot of health).


It's possible to get Lautrec stuck between the lever of the main door and the wall. The lever is located at the end of the room by Lautrec. Lure him into this area and he should remain stuck running face-first into the wall. He has to go fairly deep into the space for it to work. Roll out and deal with the other two so they don't stab you in the back, then finish him. This is easiest if you lure all three to you, then run over to the door. Lautrec is faster so will reach you before the other two.

If you lure them up the stairs and then stand on the stairs (with them now above you) most of their attacks will miss, allowing for an easy kill.


The trio will not respond if you do not move from your starting position, even if you shoot them. Use Dragonslayer Arrows or Poison Arrows (cheaper) with an appropriate bow for either for a very easy fight. You can kill Lautrec immediately (the other two can be ignored) or kill off his guards for a 1-on-1.

If dueling Lautrec, you can simply roll back from his attacks and hit him with a ranged weapon, Sorcery or Miracle.

With the Soul Spear sorcery, you can lure them onto the stairs on either side of the room and hit all three with one shot.


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Voiced by: Daniel Roberts & William Vanderpuye

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