Knight Lautrec of Carim


A knight from Carim and a devout of the goddess Fina. His love for Fina makes him a psychopath who doesn't care about other people and readily kills them after they served their purposes.


Undead Parish
Locked in a cell located on the upper floor of the church. Before climbing the ladder that leads to the Belfry Gargoyles, continue counter-clockwise around the top floor. After fighting a Balder Knight, there is a broken door that can be smashed, revealing a staircase. Go up the stairs to find Lautrec's cell. The cell can be opened using the Mystery Key or a Master Key. This encounter is optional.

Firelink Shrine
Sitting opposite of Anastacia of Astora. He'll appear in Firelink Shrine either after you release him from his cell in Undead Parish, or after you beat the Bell Gargoyles. He seems to disappear and re-appear at random times before finally moving on to Anor Londo.

Anor Londo
Can be invaded using the Black Eye Orb in the grand hall outside of the Ornstein and Smough boss room.


  • If you set him free and talk to him afterwards, you will be able to summon him to help with the Bell Gargoyles and the Gaping Dragon. Find his soul sign near each boss' fog door.
  • During his stay in Firelink Shrine, he will offer a tip at the cost of 100 souls per soul level.
    • For his "tip" he tells you that Lady Thorolund went into The Catacombs, but was stranded and separated from her followers. She is now alone in The Catacombs.
    • If you decline his offer of intelligence (his tip), he stops offering the information.
    • Once you kill the Gaping Dragon, he will no longer offer this tip, and will instead only mention moving on.
    • To trigger the dialogue where he offers his tip: 1) Kill the Capra Demon - this will trigger Rhea and her companions to arrive at Firelink Shrine. 2) Talk to Petrus (talking to the other three is optional). 3) Let the area reset either by going somewhere else and resting at bonfires for some time, or by quitting the game and reloading a few times (the four of them will disappear since they are supposed to go down into the Catacombs), until Petrus reappears at his original location. 4) Talk to Lautrec.


Undead Parish & Firelink Shrine

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 862 1,000
NG+ 1,751 4,000
NG+6 2,189 5,000

Anor Londo

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 985 3,267
NG+ 1,724 3,267
NG+6 2,155 3,267




  • If you kill Lautrec without opening his cell door, he will drop the ring and humanity, but the door will no longer be able to be opened. You will not be able to receive the loot.
  • Refer to the Use section for information on how to trigger him to offer his tip.


Killing him at Undead Parish

Note: Just like killing him at Firelink Shrine, you won't be able to get his armor on the current playthrough.

Clear the area of enemies from his cell all the way to the bonfire above Andre the blacksmith. Lure him all the way into that building and avoid his attacks as his strong attack will bypass your shield. He will eventually start backing out of the building toward the parish and will become passive until he gets outside or until you deal enough damage to him. You can use this opportunity to get behind him for a backstab. Firebombs will also help; they'll do a decent amount of damage if you're at a low level and you can hurl them at him as he's backing out of the building. I was able to kill him easily at level 4 this way. Another way that I tried (but abandoned in lieu of the aforementioned strategy) that seemed somewhat effective was to use the stairs near his cell to dive bomb him over and over. This is a less cheap method, but requires a lot more perseverance.

Killing him at Firelink Shrine

Aggro + Fatal fall

If you wish to kill him outright to obtain the Ring and not interested in his armor there's an easy way to do this.
This can be done after the fights with the Bell Gargoyles and the Gaping Dragon if you require his help. First go up the hillside before the bridge to the Burg and kill all the undead there.
Once you've done that you can come down to where the dead tree is just before the path up. You'll just be able to see him off in the distance.
Pull out your bow and shoot him to get his attention. Don't start running up the path until you see Lautrec reach the bonfire or he may reset.
With Lautrec in pursuit run for the lower part of the bridge and do a running jump across. He will not jump but instead will attempt to roll toward you and fall to his death.
You'll gain 1000 souls and then you can run back to the bonfire. Quit the game and log back in. The Ring and humanity will be found where he was previously sitting.

Fatal Fall Bow

Using a similar strategy to above, stand directly next to the dead tree just before the path up to the Undead Burg, then adjust the camera until you can see Lautrec. step up on the dead tree's big root and aim in with the Longbow. Go for a headshot, aiming a bit off to your right. When you connect, the normal headshot blood spurt will occur, and Lautrec will stand up, staggering backwards a couple steps. If you aimed it to the right of his head, he will not agro towards you, and instead stand there as if nothing happened. Go for another headshot, this time it doesn't matter where on his head, but he will stagger back again, this time plunging to his death. You can do this with the Ring of Fog if you have it, just to be safe, but it isn't needed. If you mess up or for whatever reason the strategy fails, you can continue as in the above strategy, making him plunge to his death by the bridge.

Fire ball

Lautrec is quite vulnerable to fire, it appears. A few direct hits with Fireball will kill him quickly, so Fire Bombs and other fire weapons may work well also

Kick him off the edge

Simply walk up to Lautrec, and give him a good few kicks off of the Shrine. Reload game (reset the area by quitting to Main Menu then getting back into the game*). Enjoy spoils.

Drake Sword method

While Lautrec is sat down at the shrine, stand in front of him and use the Drake Sword's 2-handed heavy attack. The powerful shockwave will send him flying to his death. Then reload the save and collect the loot. This method is good for people who cannot pull off kicks reliably and are worried about accidentally making Lautrec hostile.

Killing him at Anor Londo

Lautrec will stay in Firelink Shrine until you ring both Bells of Awakening, or after you pick up both Fire Keeper Souls from Undead Parish and Blighttown, whichever event occurs first (or until you throw him out of Firelink Shrine yourself). Once either happens, he'll kill Anastacia and then disappear. Check Anastacia's cave to find her dead body and some items. Amongst the items is a Black Eye Orb which you can use to find Lautrec again, and reclaim Anastacia's stolen soul.
Once you've killed him return to Anastacia's cave and return her soul to her, this will revive her (and also restore her ability to speak), thus making the Firelink Shrine bonfire useful again.

Finding Lautrec and details of the fight

To find him, go to Anor Londo. Make your way to the room before the Boss fight with Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough. In this large room, you'll have a message pop up that says the Black Eye Orb is "quivering", and it should now be usable in that room. Use the Black Eye Orb to invade Lautrec's realm. You do not need to clear any of the enemies in that room before being able to use the orb. You can invade Lautrec either after or before defeating Ornstein and Smough. You can also invade him in Dark Anor Londo.

Use the orb and you will become a Spirit of Vengeance, and be warped into the same room, but in Lautrec's realm. Here you will find him at the opposite end of the room with his guards. Note that no other enemies are present and for the purpose of the fight, you are a phantom. This means, no using Estus Flasks for healing. You can still heal yourself with miracles like Heal or Replenishment, or by consuming Humanity.

Of his two guards, one is a spear-wielder with a shield, the other is a mage. All you need do is defeat Lautrec himself to win, but if you kill his sorcerer comrade there is a chance he will drop the Tin Banishment Catalyst.

It's a particularly tough fight for a few reasons. Lautrec himself is particularly nasty as he often dual-wields his Shotels, which can damage you through your shield (strong attacks). He has high poise and is quite quick so a long spear thrust before rolling backward is recomended. When he equips his Parrying Dagger in his left hand and holds it up, he will attempt to parry you if you attack him.

The spear-wielder is your typical enemy and has two main attacks, one of which is a charge and the other a multi-hit combo. The mage does melee, although prefers to run back and fire soul arrows over and over. Aside from his catalyst, the mage does not have a melee weapon, therefore his fist will only deal minimal damage to you in case he does hit you with it (he can backstab you with his fist).

Glitch Lautrec Method

It's possible to get Lautrec stuck between the lever of the main door and the wall. The lever is located at the end of the room by Lautrec. Lure him into this area and he should remain stuck running face-first into the wall. He has to go fairly deep into the space for it to work. Lure him in, roll out and check to make sure he is stuck, rinse and repeat. Then you can go deal with the other two, and finish off Lautrec. Try and kill him from behind the lever this way he will remain stuck, if you enter he may engage you again. I find it easy to lure all 3 to the far end of the room and run all the way back to the lever, Lautrec is by far the fastest of the three and can be separated from the others easily.

Giant Soldier Kill Glitch Method

You can easily kill Lautrec with only single attack from your arrow. First go halfway into the staircase then shoot Lautrec from there, after you shoot him climb the stairs as fast as you can towards the broken window where you get the Dragonslayer Bow. Lautrec should not be able to follow you, but instead he will go outside and engage the giant enemies outside the gate. Just wait for a while until you see notification when Lautrec is killed.
When you entered Lautrec's world you will see the gate was closed but I don't know how Lautrec opened the gate and start attacking the giants, this might be a glitch or something (needs confirmation?). I already tested this method on 3 playthoughs on PC version and it always works. It does not work on the 360 however.

Separate and Rush down

One strategy would be to rush down the mage as quickly as possible so you don't get hit randomly while attempting to dodge/block the other two. With a SL60 character with 24 endurance and Drake Sword +2. One full round of combat 2h attacks was enough to take him out. He may jump back, or you may take a couple of hits but it'll be worth it if you can get him down within the first 15 seconds of initiating combat.

After this, run back down to the start of the room and use both sides of the rooms stairs to gain some ground, rolling off just low enough that you don't take fall damage (since you can't heal, every bit of HP is important).

Once you've made a bit of room, run from one staircase to the other and either Lautrec or the spear-wielder will be caught at the top of the stairs and if you hug the edge, one will go to the side along the wall and the other will come up after you. Separating the two of them out and making it an easy fight. If you get stuck, roll off the side again and gain some ground and try again.

Emit Force Method

As with most strategies, start by killing off the mage. This shouldn't be fairly hard, since the mage loves to use soul arrow, setting you up for an easy backstab. Two backstabs will easily kill him, or one backstab and a couple of swings. After the mage is dead, start kiting the spear wielder and Lautrec. When they get close enough to start their attack animations, use Emit Force, which you should have if you've finished Anor Londo and talked to Siegmeyer of Catarina. It will do a large amount of damage on them and knock them down to the ground, allowing you to do it again. Three Emit Forces at Faith 28 is all it took for me.

After this, run back to the start of the room to gain some ground and catch your breath. Before kiting Lautrec and the spear-wielder back down to the big door/entrance to the room. Run to the area where the switch is to open the big doors shortcut and cast poison cloud in that area. Run around it to try and get both of them in it as much as possible until poison sticks. After this it's a case of rinse and repeat until they die.

The poison should last a long time on both of them and can cause almost 400 points of total damage on each one before wearing off. So prepare to run around the room for a long while. After it wears off, do the same thing again and they should both go down before the third use of poison cloud is over. For a bit of extra damage, you can always take out the spear-wielder with a backstab after a charge if you feel daring.

Dragonslayer Greatbow

Make sure to pick up the Dragonslayer Greatbow at the cathedral and farm some souls to buy around 80 or 100 Dragonslayer Arrows. Equip the bow in this fight. Stand really far away from Lautrec and his companions (right at the staircase, don't go towards them!) and shoot them individually. If you stay far away enough, they won't attack, not even Lautrec.

Shortbow + Poison Arrows

Stand on the bottom of the steps leading to the Bossfight Area. Aim with a shortbow and start shooting until you see that you've hit him. You won't do any damage this way since he is too far away. Once you're sure of a hit, switch to poison arrows. The Arrows still won't do any damage but the poison will be applied. It takes 2 poison counters to finish him.

Any bow + Hawk ring

This method is the easiest way to kill Knight Lautrec as long as you have the hawk ring equipped. From where you start the invasion just start firing arrows, Knight Lautrec and his phantoms won't move as long as you don't. A longbow +8 with standard arrows does 12 damage per arrow so it is recommended that you have some poison/feather arrows and the Black Bow of Pharis to speed up the process. A video demonstration can be found here

Iron Flesh

If you are able to use Iron Flesh from Pyromancy, try singling out Lautrec which shouldn't be too hard, preferably on a stairwell so he can't move around too much. Once he's close use Iron Flesh, go 2hand stance with a hard-hitting weapon and just beat on him. He does almost no damage to you while you're doing as much damage as possible to him. It only took 4 or 5 hits with a +5 lightning spear to down him. Cheesy, but easy.

Stealth Riposte

Equip the Ring of Fog. Using the Hornet Ring and a dagger, you walk up the side. The enemies will not see you, but Lautrec may start his speech anyway when you get close. As you approach Lautrec from behind all three will come at you, Lautrec first. He will come at you swinging. Just 1 riposte and counter is all it takes to bring him down and the fight is over.

Stealth Mage OHKO

Like above, but also including Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring. With a combination of Homing Soulmass, Power Within, Great Heavy Soul Arrow, and some timing, Laurtec can be killed before he has any time to react, and his two guards won't notice anything.


Same as Stealth Riposte but again with Hornet Ring replaced by Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring. Backstab him with a hard hitting weapon, and finish him off with an attack as he's standing up. As with the Stealth Mage approach, his partners won't even know he's dead if your attacks are well timed. I personally used a +4 Black Knight Sword, but any hard hitter could work.

Soul Spear

If you're a magic build without the stats to use the dragonslayer bow then this method could work for you. I took a few steps forward and then shot the spear guy on the right. at this point everyone splits and runs after you. mage in the middle, spear guy on the right, and lautrec on the left. I rand up the first set of stairs oon the right and used soul spear. because the mage and spear guy were right behind each other they both died after I cast it twice. then I could focus on Lautrec with full health. By the way, he's not particularly strong against magic. I missed him with my soul spear, but it only took a few great heavy soul arrows and homing soul masses to kill him. the important part of this strategy is isolating them on the stairs. they have to come at you single file which makes them easier to deal with when you don't have to worry about what's behind you.

Low Ground Advantage

Get his attention and then kite him up the stairs, all the way to where the broken window doorway would be. Then, kite him back down. Characters fighting down stairs are at a disadvantage, as their attacks may be too high to connect. When Lautrec (or any of his phantoms) follow you down the stairs, two-hand a massive damage weapon, pyromancy, or spell and keep attacking. Lautrec's weapons, although block-ignoring, are also very short-range and will almost never hit you if you're far enough down the steps from him. The phantoms should be easy enough to kill in whatever way, but are also much easier with this method.

Kite Into Zweihander Heavy Swing

You don't have to even kill any of the minions. Aggro the three and have the Zweihander equipped and light enough equipment to move fast. Go to one of the staircases and lock onto Lautrec and back up. When you're at the right distance use the R2 trigger and heavy swing the Zweihander and he will run straight up the staircase right into the swing. Repeat this as necessary and he will go down easily since he runs faster than his buddies. This may also work for other weapons but the Zweihander for sure.


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