Large Flame Ember

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In Game Description

Ember required for weapon ascension.
Large flame ember used in ancient rites.
Handled only by blacksmiths knowledgeable in
ancient methods.

Ascends +5 fire weapon.
Allows reinforcement to +10,
the most powerful level for fire weapons.


Found in the area between the Ceaseless Discharge boss and the Demon Firesage, to the left of the fog gate

Guarded by two Taurus Demon and four ambushing Burrowing Rockworms. The last assault by the worms will completely surround the player and seemingly block any exits, but totally in between them is safe since their range is so small. From there they can be killed with ranged attacks or by launching powerful attacks then retreating to the middle again. Alternatively, a quick spring for the chest can do the trick, squeezing between each pair and running to safety.

If the worms are too difficult Ring of Fog helps to prevent immediate assault or simply roll into the pair guarding the chest and use the Homeward miracle or a Homeward Bone to safely leave the area upon obtaining the ember. If using the Ring of Fog and rolling past the Burrowing Rockworms; once the ember has been acquired, it's simple enough to just snipe or range magic attack all four of them. - video


Given to Blacksmith Vamos in The Catacombs to enable ascension of fire weapons

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