Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier


In Game Description

Large soul of a nameless Undead
soldier who has long ago gone Hollow.

Use to acquire many souls.

Souls are the source of all life,
and whether Undead, or even Hollow,
one continues to seek them.


Provides 1,000 souls when consumed


  • Undead Parish x1
    • On the corpse draped over the window in the upstairs area of the church
  • Depths x2
    • By the first hollow enemy in the level, near the entrance staircase
    • In the Basilisk area
  • The Great Hollow x2
    • Outside the "room" containing the three Basilisks
    • At the top of the branch path leading into the lower mushroom area
  • New Londo Ruins x2
    • On a ledge near the top of shortcut ladder
    • In a corner, on the walkway outside of the building containing Ingward
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