Large Soul of a Proud Knight


In-Game Description

Large soul of a proud Undead knight who
has long ago gone Hollow.

Use to acquire many souls.

Souls are the source of all life,
and whether Undead, or even Hollow,
one continues to seek them.


Provides 3,000 souls when consumed


  • Blighttown x3
    • In the poison lake, underneath the wooden structure leading to upper-blighttown
    • In the poison lake, near a lone-Giant Leech
    • In the poison lake, behind a pillar near Maneater Mildred's spawn location
  • Demon Ruins x1
    • In the lava drained area, on a rock surrounded by lava
  • New Londo Ruins x4
    • In the water drained area, by the Darkwraith near the pool of shallow water
    • In the water drained area, on the staircase leading into the bottom floor of the building with Ingward on the roof
    • In the water drained area, on a landing around to the side of the building with Ingward on the roof
    • By the Darkwraith guarding the entrance of the "wooden shack" in the water drained area
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