Laurentius of the Great Swamp
Laurentius of the Great Swamp


The Depths
Located in a room near the second butcher. After taking care of the first butcher, go up the stairs after the area that is swamped with water. Trapped inside a barrel, Laurentius is located in a room to the left. Roll into the barrels to safely release him.

Firelink Shrine
After you rescued him, he'll sit on the ground near the entrance to Frampt.

If you talk to him while having a Pyromancy unique to Quelaana (e.g. Great Combustion, Fire Whip, etc.) or entered the Chaos Servant covenant (i.e. Great Chaos Fireball and Chaos Storm), he'll ask you how you got it. If you answer "Yes," he will leave Firelink Shrine and can be found hollowed in front of the lower Blighttown bonfire near the two Giant Mosquitoes.

Note: Be aware of his Blighttown question. You may simply answer "No" to his last question and he will stay at Firelink Shrine and continue selling pyromancies. Answering with "Yes," will lose you the ability to purchase Iron Flesh and Flash Sweat as neither Eingyi nor Quelaana sells you these. More importantly, this will also lose you access to him upgrading your Pyromancy Flame to +10 in order for Quelaana of Izalith to spawn; you would then have to ask Eingyi to do it.


In order use his services, the correct answer to his first question ("Ah, unless you find the magics unsavoury?") is "No". If you answered "Yes" instead, the answer to his second question ("Oh, and er…if by chance you've had a change of heart, …") should be "Yes".


Spell Name Cost Uses slots Description
Fire Orb 8,000 6 1 Hurls flaming orbs.
Combustion 500 16 1 Shoots a close range burst of fire from the hand.
Iron Flesh 2,000 3 1 Greatly increases defense at the expense of mobility. Only Laurentius sells this.
Flash Sweat 2,000 3 1 Covers the player in water for 1 minute. Only Laurentius sells this.
Fireball 800 8 1 Throws a ball of flames that explodes on impact.


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 719 1,000
NG+ 1,380 3,000
NG+6 1,725 3,750



  • If you accidentally make Laurentius hostile by hitting him with a weapon while trying to free him from the barrel, you can still get him to go to the Firelink Shrine as long as you do not kill him. Go to Oswald of Carim and request Absolution; after paying Oswald's fee Laurentius will appear at Firelink Shrine.
  • Equipped with a unique version of the Pyromancer Set which contains no item names or descriptions and cannot be equipped on female characters.


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